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Easy author hack for more book reviews

more book reviews

One of my favorite marketing strategies is pretty simple: Study what successful people are doing and copy them.

Authors can do this with the best-selling or well-known authors in their genre or category, too.

That’s the approach behind today’s hack for getting more book reviews. This one focuses specifically on getting book reviews on blogs.

It will take you seconds — literally seconds — to find bloggers who review books just like yours.

Here’s a short, 2.5-minute video showing you how to do it.

How to save a Facebook link to read later

save a Facebook link

How many times have you noticed interesting articles you’d like to read as you’ve scrolled down through your Facebook newsfeed and thought, “I’d love to read that but I don’t have time right now”?

Did you know that a little-known feature lets you save those links to read later?

It’s my new favorite time management tool.

Before, I’d either try to remember what I’d seen later when I had more time to read (didn’t work) or take a quick screenshot on my phone (only worked if I was looking at Facebook on my phone). Now, with a couple of clicks, I can save everything that interests me and read it later when I have the time (or I’m procrastinating).

I created a short video that shows you how to do it.

The right way to save your book’s Amazon sales page link

Amazon sales page link

Ever wonder why some of the reviews on your book’s Amazon sales page are removed by Amazon?

It could be because of the way you saved and shared your Amazon sales page link.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. When you do it the wrong way, you’re signaling to Amazon that you shared the link with lots of people.

When you do it the right way, Amazon doesn’t know that book buyers and reviewers got the link to your book’s sales page from you rather than on their own.

So how do you do it the right way?

It’s easy. Watch this short, two-and-a half-minute video to find out how.

Cool Reviewer Grabber Tool finds book reviewers

reviewer grabber tool

“How do I find reviewers for my book?”

I get this question from authors all the time. And it’s a good one.

I often suggest that they follow this three-step process:

Quick tip for selling more books on Pinterest

selling more books on Pinterest

If you’re sharing image quotes or other images related to your book on Pinterest and not linking them to an online sales page, you could be missing out on book sales.

I’ve created a short video that shows how to link your image quotes to any book sales page. Watch the one-minute video here to see how quickly you can be selling more books on Pinterest:

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