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You want to sell more books. And you know that your book deserves more attention than it’s getting. But if you’re like many authors, you’re confused about where to begin. After all, you’re a writer, not a marketing whiz. I can help you find your way through the book marketing maze so you put your time and effort into what’s best for your book, not anyone else’s.

I’m Sandra Beckwith, a national award-winning former publicist. I now teach authors like you how to publicize, promote, and market your books. (Learn more about me here.) Whether you want personalized training, one-on-one coaching, resources on specific book marketing topics, or a conference speaker, I can help you.

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Still not convinced that you need to learn how to market your book?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you’ll soon learn one of the dirty little secrets of book publishing: You are personally responsible for marketing your book.

This is true whether a major publisher has bought your book or you’re self-publishing.

If you’re self-published, it’s obvious. Even if you buy a pricey package of promotion services, you still have to do most of the meaningful work yourself. After all, nobody knows your book better than you.

Or, if you have a traditional publisher with a staff publicist assigned to your title, you’ll soon discover that there’s only so much your hard-working in-house publicist can do in the limited amount of time available for your book.

You don’t have to go it alone, though. Let the Build Book Buzz free resources and ever-expanding list of training materials help you de-mystify the process.

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