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12 book marketing buzzwords you need to know

book marketing buzzwords

I don’t like when industry buzzwords and terminology are dropped into conversations with people who don’t work in that field.

You know how it goes . . . social workers never tell anyone anything. They share with them.

Educators don’t work with groups. They’ve got cohorts.

And there are no phrases with words in the military and financial services field — those folks love their acronyms. They’ve got a POV or ARM for everything.

6 free stock image sources for author blogs

free stock image sourcesAn author blog post without an image is like the first day of school without new sharpened pencils.

You just have to have them.

Images serve several purposes on blogs. First, they make each post much more attractive and readable. They draw the visitor’s eye to your content and, with long posts, break up the text so it’s less overwhelming.

In addition, they help your blog post get found by search engines when you have the right keywords in the image title and the “alt text.” The “alt text” option in Wordpress gives you another opportunity to add the keywords to your image.

They also draw more attention to your post when you and others share links to your content on social media.

How to schedule a Facebook group post

schedule a Facebook group post

If you’re working to build a community around your book, its topic, or its genre, you might have started a Facebook group for it.

Groups are where the conversations among like-minded people are taking place on Facebook.

Until recently, groups have had a few limitations. In particular, group administrators couldn’t schedule a Facebook group post (as you can on your author Page) and had no insights into the membership and how and when it uses the group.

That’s finally changing, though.

Want to sell more books? Treat authorship as a business

sell more books

When I was employed by a large corporation, I took advantage of a professional development budget that let me attend conferences and training programs. I was able to learn about everything from speechwriting to how to use new technology.

I brought that corporate approach to lifelong learning with me when I became self-employed. The world is changing quickly, so I invest in both in-person and virtual training and education so I can embrace what’s working today and ditch what worked five years ago, but isn’t relevant anymore.

I am, after all, running a business here. And if you want to sell books, you need to start running a business, too.

But this “authorship is a business” concept only applies if you want people to discover, read, and recommend your books. You might be someone who writes books as a hobby and isn’t interested in readers and sales.

Naming and claiming your author website

author website

You need an author website. (No, you can’t use a Facebook Page in place of an author website.)

So the question isn’t the one I hear from so many authors — “Should I create a website?”

The question is: What should I use for my author website name and address (URL or domain name)?

Options include your:

  • Author name
  • Book title
  • Book topic
  • Company name
  • Memorable phrase related to your book

For some, the answer is obvious. For others, it isn’t.

And the whole situation can be somewhat confusing, especially if you introduce landing pages into the conversation. (Landing pages are single page sites designed to get people to take a specific action, such as provide an email address to receive a free digital download, enter a contest, purchase a product, register for an event, subscribe to a newsletter, and so on. There are no toolbars or menus because of all the content is contained on that single page.)

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