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Quirky October holidays offer book promotion possibilities

book promotion possibilities

One of the easiest ways to promote your book is to link it to events, seasonal occasions, and holidays.

You’ve probably noticed how many businesses use some sort of “back to school” advertising and promotion angle in August and September. You’ll see many doing the same thing with Halloween next month.

You can do this with your book just as easily as they can with their products. It just takes a little imagination.

A long list of fun, quirky holidays helps, too. That’s why I’ve listed what’s coming up for October here.

28 book marketing tips from authors, publicists, and marketers

book marketing tips

Most authors who are serious about writing good books and selling more of them turn to a few favorite and trusted sources for book marketing tips and advice.

That’s smart. After all, it takes time to figure out who you can trust.

Every once in awhile, though, it’s nice to look past your inner circle to test your thinking or to learn from the experiences of others.

That’s why I decided to reach out to strangers for this roundup of book marketing, promotion, and publicity tips.

I used my Build Book Buzz Facebook group and “Help a Reporter Out” — HARO — to ask authors, publicists, and marketers to send me their best book marketing tip. (HARO links journalists with expert and other sources. If you subscribe to HARO, be sure to download my free “How to Respond to HARO Requests” cheat sheet to make sure you get interviewed or quoted.)

Should you hire a book publicist?

book publicist

At least once a week, an author asks me, “Should I hire a book publicist?”

Do you have this question, too?

I can’t give a quick answer because it depends on your long-term goals and financial situation. What’s more, you need to be clear on what you hope a publicist will do for your career.

But a publicist can be a solid investment for the right authors.

Let’s start with what you can expect to pay. It will help to know if you can afford it before you think about the other specifics we’ll talk about here.

Are you guilty of these author press kit blunders?

author press kit

What’s in your online author press kit and how is it presented?

If you’re looking for book publicity — free media exposure — you have to:

  • Have an author press kit on your website
  • Include the right elements with the right information
  • Present it in a format that’s easy for all journalists to use

Are you making any of these common author press kit mistakes that are interfering with your ability to effectively promote your book? Don’t worry if you are — all of these can be fixed easily:

Memoir author’s book marketing success story

Memoir author's book marketing success story

I met freelance writer Jen Miller when she took the inaugural Build Book Buzz Book Marketing 101 e-course several years ago.

At the time, she had just authored a regional travel guide to the Jersey shore. Today, she’s coming off the successful launch of her memoir, Running: A Love Story: 10 Years, 5 Marathons, and 1 Life-Changing Sport from Seal Press (March 2016 publication date).

I’ve been following Jen’s book marketing activities through her Facebook posts and have been impressed not only with her effort, but with the results, as well. She has done a masterful job of leveraging her skills, experience, and platform to create a book marketing success story.

I recently asked Jen several questions about how she marketed her memoir. I hope her experience inspires you!

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