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Who are the best BookTubers?

“BookTube” refers to YouTube video bloggers who talk about books.

These book lovers who create the videos are “BookTubers;” their collective accounts, known as “channels,” create the BookTube community.

There are thousands of them producing videos about books. Thousands.

And because readers love their content, book publishers often incorporate them into marketing plans. (Even Michelle Obama did a BookTube tour for Becoming.)

BookTubers and you

Should you send your book to any of these people in hopes of getting it read and reviewed, or mentioned in a “book haul” (when BookTubers show the books they’ve just bought or borrowed)?

That depends on whether the people reviewing books on YouTube read the types of books you write.

To do that, you first have to find their accounts — channels — and videos.

7 BookTuber lists

You could spend hours and hours wading through Google and YouTube searches to find the best and most popular BookTubers.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. Others have done it for you, and I’m linking to their lists so you can take advantage of their hard work.

Here they are.

1. Reedsy, BookTube Channel Guide

This vetted list features a subscriber count, short description, and link for each of more than 170 BookTubers.

Note that the search box only searches the channel name (I’m not complaining — just explaining). There’s also an option that lets you filter for BookTubers who are also authors.


This list is far more personal than some of the others, as it’s curated and reported by an individual rather than a team. She tells us why she likes each reviewer and includes an embedded video.

To get to the YouTuber’s channel, click “Watch on YouTube” on each video.

3. Book Scrolling, The Top Booktubers & Book Youtube Channels

You won’t get a description for each of the 23 on the list, but you can preview their content without leaving the list. Each entry links to the channel, too.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom for links to another 72 that didn’t rank at the top.

4. SheReads, Best Booktubers to watch in 2021

Get mini-profiles, photos, channel links, and Instagram account handles for 10 individuals.

5. SheReads, Best BookTubers of 2020

Last year’s list uses the same format as 2021’s — 10 short profiles that describe their content and how it’s presented, plus a photo and link to each channel and Instagram account.


If you’re still with me, you might have realized by now that many of the book lovers talking all things books are fans of young adult and teen fiction. To counter that, I’m including this short list for those who write books for an older audience.

As with the other Book Riot list above, you’ll learn what the writer compiling the list likes about each BookTuber and what they read. Each description includes an embedded video or a YouTube channel link.

7. We Are Bookish, 20 Diverse Booktubers to Follow in 2020

This list compiled by a NetGalley staffer features mini-descriptions, an embedded video, and a link to the BookTuber’s channel.

Immerse yourself

If you’re interested in exploring the potential for your books, approach this as a reader and book lover first.

Who talks about the kinds of books you read? Who has an approach or style that you like? Who do you feel drawn to?

Subscribe to their channel; follow their social media accounts. Comment on and share their content, just as you’re doing already with other people you follow and like.

Once you value their content as a reader, you’ll better understand how you might collaborate.

A few more tips

NetGalley’s article, “BookTube Basics for Marketers,” offers tips for finding and engaging with the right BookTubers for the types of books you write, too.

Finally, I hope this underscores the importance of knowing your target audience — your ideal readers. Without that, you can’t assess whether working with BookTubers should be part of your book marketing plan.

Do you have a favorite BookTuber? Who is it, and why? Please tell us in a comment. 

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  1. Thanks for the BookTuber info Sandra. However I’m a newbie and I’m wondering at this time whether or not my brain has room for BookTubers. Right now I’m a bit nervy about the entire picture that continues forming around my desire to write. Really … it is a confusing road. I have decided to get my web installed and experience learning more and more – but the correct word for me is “NERVY” right now.

    1. It can all be overwhelming, Olga, so be sure to go at your own pace. I’m glad you’re getting a website set up. It’s essential.


  2. Thank you so much Sandy for this information. Booktubers are definitely a powerful and growing trend to leverage. As always, you give us so valuable ideas to expand our book horizons!

    1. So nice to hear from you, David! I SO enjoy your Instagram content! Friends, David’s latest Instagram post with 7 examples of how to communicate your key sales messages is genius! Find him there at @DAVIDGOMEZBP.

      Thanks for stopping by, David!


  3. Thank you for posting this list. Booktubers obviously put in a lot of work to create videos of the books that they review. And I appreciate how they share their love of books!

    1. You’re welcome, Dave. I love their passion for books, too. They’re just more evidence that reading will never go out of style.


    1. I love this, Jenisha! Thank you! I’m going to share the link in my Facebook group for the children’s book authors there. Big congratulations to you!


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