Use quirky September holidays for book promotion

book promotion

Persistence — and a little creativity — go a long way with book promotion.

One way to add some creativity to your book promotion is to link your book to seasonal activities, events, or holidays. “Back to school” is an obvious occasion for this time of the year, but there are lots of others coming up next month, too.

Can you link your book to any of these fun or quirky September holidays and special occasions? If you can, you’ve got a promotional hook that you can run with.

5 book marketing lessons from the Olympics

Rio de Janiero at twilight

You don’t have to be watching the Olympics every day to know what’s happening in Rio this week — and to know that some of it is pretty exciting.

It’s hard to escape information about Olympic results, drama, and personalities on news sites, in newspapers, during TV news, on the radio, and in social media. For example, if your Facebook newsfeed is anything like mine, you know which of your friends took the day off to watch track and field or you’ve got easy access to video of an event you couldn’t watch live because one of your friends found and shared it.

There are many book marketing lessons for authors in all of this. You can, in fact, apply some of what you’re seeing and experiencing — including your emotions — to your book marketing.

Here are five book marketing lessons from the Olympics. What would you add to the list?

National Publicity Summit testimonials

National Publicity Summit

Steve Harrison’s National Publicity Summit is a four-day gathering of more than 100 journalists and producers and just 100 of the people who want to get their attention — authors, entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, and others.

The program uses panel presentations and one-on-one meetings to connect those seeking media attention with the journalists who can provide it.

In addition — and just as importantly — the Summit teaches attendees how to make the most of those interactions with reporters, producers, editors, and others. Registrants get personalized help identifying possible article and segment ideas, defining and refining their key messages, and making their pitches to the press.

Trade journals: The book publicist’s secret weapon

trade journals

I’m going to let you in on one of the best kept secrets in book marketing: trade journals.

Successful authors and their publicists go after trade journal publicity because it sells books and generates paying speaking opportunities.

Savvy nonfiction authors and novelists alike add this tool to their book marketing toolkits because they know that a news item, review, or article in a trade journal sells books.

Authors and podcasts

smartphone and earbuds for podcast listening

I love listening to podcasts.

But I’m a fluke. In fact, marketers would call me an “outlier.”

That’s because I’m not the typical podcast listener — I don’t match up with the dominant age and gender for podcast listeners. It’s why authors and podcasts aren’t necessarily a match made in heaven.

Who listens to podcasts, then?

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