Why you need cover blurbs

cover blurbs

You’re browsing in a bookstore or at the library and a book catches your eye. You pick it up and study the cover.

Then what do you do?

If you’re like most, you turn it over to read the book’s description on the back and look for the cover blurbs.

Similarly, when you’ve discovered a book on Amazon that looks interesting, what do you do after reading the description? You probably scroll down to see if there are any blurbs – testimonials – offered under “Editorial Reviews.” You might even use the “inside the book” feature to find them on the back cover or the first few inside pages.

Pitch your book to holiday gift guides

holiday gift guides

Would your book make a good holiday gift? Now’s the time to start thinking about how you’ll pitch it to annual holiday gift guides that run in newspapers and on websites and blogs.

These holiday gift guides are often built around a theme – gifts under $20 or $50, or for the person who has everything, runners, romance readers, knitters, and so on.

This type of article is often referred to as a “round-up.” A “roundup” usually gathers up the best, worst, most, least, newest, top, funniest, etc. products related to a specific category or theme.

Remember that roundups can be broader than books. In fact, if you come up with a “gifts for” or “best gifts of” topic that includes a wide range of product types, you might be more successful than if you focused only on books.

Here are the steps to follow to pitch the press on a holiday gift guide that includes your book.

Indie Author Day at libraries: Check it out

Indie Author Day

The first Indie Author Day at libraries is this Saturday, October 8, 2016.

Are you a self-published author who’s participating at a library? What do you have planned?

Whether you’re indie or not, involved with your local library’s celebration or not, you can still participate. There’s a live webcast that day at 2 p.m. Eastern featuring a panel discussion with agents, authors, and industry experts. To watch, click “Watch the live webcast” on the Indie Author Day site.

Amazon searchability tip for authors

Amazon searchability

Do you want your book to be seen by more people on Amazon?

Improve its Amazon searchability.

That involves showing up near the top of the Amazon search results when people are looking for a book like yours .

How to create a Facebook group

create a Facebook group

More than one billion Facebook users are members of Facebook groups.

In December 2015, they left about 10 billion comments in various groups and generated 25 billion-plus likes on group posts.

Don’t you want to be part of that action?

You can not only be part of it — you can lead it by creating your own Facebook group. It’s not hard to do it. In fact, it’s so easy even I can do it.

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