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I met Wayne Hughes in a Facebook group and was intrigued by his perspective on book narration. In addition to being a narrator who specializes in book-length projects, he is a freelance writer and editor. His background is in journalism, theater, and broadcasting. Learn more about Hughes on his website or Facebook Page.  

For reading out loud!

By Wayne Hughes

When I was a cub newspaper reporter, we called the night editor “knuckles.”  We’d turn copy over to him, proud of getting it on his desk before deadline.

When he saw a problem, he broke young reporters to his way of doing things by standing, shoving aside the mounds of teletype paper, empty coffee cups and ash trays brimming with half-smoked cigars, leaning over his desk and supporting himself on his knuckles.

We knew what was coming, so we tried not to make eye contact.

Use press releases to sell more books

newspaper stack

I’m so frustrated by the number of authors who overlook one of the most valuable and essential book promotion tools. I mean, geez, it’s free and it works! So why not embrace it?

I’m talking about the press release — also known as a news release or media release.

I know the value of press releases to authors firsthand: My first book contract came as a direct result of a single press release that I wrote and distributed to a carefully handcrafted list of media outlets nationwide.

How to get media exposure that helps sell books

TV talk show set

When Los Angeles-based media coach Gina Rubinstein offered to write a guest blog post for me that would help authors sell books, I was happy to accept. Rubinstein trains her clients to use the media to grow their businesses. She is an Emmy Award-winning executive producer of reality television who has transferred her decades of directing “real people” into helping authors, speakers, and others become engaging and confident on-camera. She offers a free evaluation to anyone who fills out a short questionnaire

How to get media exposure that helps sell books

By Gina Rubinstein 

You’ve written a book. Congratulations!

But now what?

How do you get your book to its audience?

21 free resources for authors

freeWhat are your favorite free resources for authors?

I publish the free Build Book Buzz newsletter twice a month; the content in the second issue of the month always includes a free resource for authors. I’ve compiled my absolute favorites for power and impact in a free report, Top 5 Book Promotion Resources, but that doesn’t mean that the others I’ve been featuring each month aren’t valuable.

Here are some of my favorites from the newsletter in somewhat alphabetical order. What would you add to the list? Please include them in a comment.

How much do you know about book marketing?



Confucius might say today, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” right?

And when you don’t know enough about book marketing, you’re likely to put your time and effort into the wrong tactics.

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