How much do you know about book marketing?



Confucius might say today, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” right?

And when you don’t know enough about book marketing, you’re likely to put your time and effort into the wrong tactics.

Book promotion timing: Implement these 9 strategies as soon as you’ve finished the first draft

old chronometer

I’ve lost track of the number of authors I’ve heard from who waited until their e-book was available on Amazon or they had boxes of books stacked in a corner of their home before they started thinking about book promotion.

Only when they’re ready to start accepting money for their page-turner, true life story, or escape to a new lifestyle (today!) do they start to think about who might buy the book and how those people will discover it.

Don’t be that author.

Book review: 10 Steps to Publish & Succeed

10 Steps to Publish & Succeed

When Jill Ronsley sent me a review copy of her new book just two weeks before Christmas 2013, I set it aside, fully intending to review it after the holidays.

A year later, 10 Steps to Publish & Succeed: How to Put Your Best Book Forward published in August 2013 has won first place in the 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Seems like now’s a good time to write that review, eh?

Top 10 book marketing posts from 2014

Best of 2014 graphicReviewing Google Analytics to identify the year’s most popular book marketing blog posts is such a helpful exercise.

It allows me to not only identify what topics resonated the most with readers (so I can provide more content on those topics, perhaps), but it also helps me find patterns and what might explain them.

How to pin a tweet

The word SHARE on a bulletin board

As soon as I pinned a tweet about one of my most popular blog posts to the top of my Twitter profile, the tweet started getting more retweets. That, in turn, helped bring more traffic to my website because the tweet included a link to the post on my site.

It was an easy way to help followers find helpful information quickly while introducing people to this website.

Great idea, right?

Here’s a quick video showing you how to pin a Tweet to the top of your Twitter profile page.

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