How I use Instagram to sell more books

use Instagram to sell more booksMy friend Kate Hanley has been micro-blogging on Instagram to promote her latest book, How to Be a Better Person: 400 Simple Ways Make a Difference in Yourself — and the World, and I’ve asked her to write this guest post about why and how she’s doing that, and what results she’s seen. Kate is an author, yoga teacher, and personal development coach who helps busy women focus on the things that matter so they can stop stressing about the things that don’t. In addition to working one-on-one with clients, Kate teaches and speaks at companies and events about mindful time management, avoiding burnout, and finding work-life balance. Learn more and get her free decision-making matrix at her website. Follow Kate on Instagram, too. 

How I use Instagram to sell more books

By Kate Hanley

When it comes to social media, I love Instagram above all other platforms. I used it strictly for personal purposes, primarily to share photos of my kids and my daily life. (Which may explain why I loved it; it was a work-free zone!) But as I was creating a promotion plan for my newest book, How to Be a Better Person, I hired an online marketing consultant who challenged me to re-think that.

Pointing out that I had nearly 500 followers and that my posts generally got a decent level of engagement, she convinced me that my Instagram feed was too good a promotional opportunity to ignore.

5 ways to collaborate with other authors (besides writing a book together)


“Collaborate” is my 2018 business theme.

I’ve got two significant collaborations in the works already. In one case, I’ve teamed up with a colleague to create a training program for authors. In the other, I’m partnering with another writer on a ghostwriting project.

I’m focusing on collaborations this year for a pretty simple reason: This approach can help me go farther faster.

More specifically, collaborations help me:

  • Work with a partner who has different skills.
  • See situations, problems, and opportunities from someone else’s perspectives.
  • Become involved with interesting projects I wouldn’t find on my own.
  • Learn and grow.

Use quirky holidays in March for book marketing

quirky holidays

Because book marketing can get pretty intense, it helps to lighten things up a bit now and then. Nothing makes that easier than the list of quirky holidays in March offered at HolidayInsights.

I pulled out a few of my favorites (below), but before scanning these and the full list at HolidayInsights, consider how you might leverage one of the many special days coming up next month.

7 tried and true ways to make a book cover decision

book cover decision

“Which book cover do you like more?”

That question is a social media staple in author circles.

Sometimes, the author offers up a couple of completely different looks.

Other times, the cover choices have only subtle changes – different ink colors or fonts for the book title, or slight changes in the background image intensity, for example.

There’s no question that this is a popular cover selection strategy.

But is it the only one?

I asked a couple of cover designers and a book sales pro to weigh in with their time-tested advice for making a book cover decision. Here’s what they had to say.

Identify your obstacles

Identify your obstacles

It has taken me a lifetime to learn that when I’m not making progress towards a goal, it’s because there are obstacles I haven’t yet identified.

It might seem obvious to you, but it wasn’t to me.

In the past, I would just stop working on the project and move on to something else.

That left a lot of half-finished projects in my wake.

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