May book promotion opportunities
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May book promotion opportunities: 29 unusual, unexpected, and quirky holidays

Looking for a few light and fun May book promotion opportunities? Here are 29 holidays and occasions you can use to lighten things up.

As we wrap up a busy April that features more book-related days and weeks than any other month, it’s time to look ahead to other types of special occasions in May.

Here in the U.S. Northeast (where snow sometimes makes an appearance as late as mid-May), we welcome the typically warmer temperatures and how neighbors only mow their lawns when they see we have our windows open during Zoom meetings.

The merry, merry month of May brings us spring flowers and leaves on trees and, oh joy of joys, spending time outside without down coats and heavy gloves.

May bright spots

The fifth month brings with it in the U.S. “normal” occasions that include Mother’s Day on May 12, Memorial Day on May 27, and high school graduations and college commencements throughout the month.

Australia’s Queensland celebrates Labour Day on May 6 – which is also May Day in the Northern Territory – and Reconciliation Day on May 27 in the Capital Territory.

There are also so many unconventional, unique, and often downright irreverent holidays and special occasions to celebrate. And you can use them to bring attention to your book.

How to leverage May book promotion opportunities

What’s the best way to take advantage of so many fun May book promotion opportunities? Once you identify those occasions that are a good fit for your book or promotion goals from the list below, how can you use them?

Here are a few examples to get you started.

May is Mystery Month

Do you write mysteries, thrillers, or suspense novels? This is your month! And there’s so much potential.

Here’s just one idea: Use social media and your email list to poll people about their favorite mystery book and why they like it. You can use this information in multiple ways:

  • Compile what you learn into a round up article (“here’s what readers told me about their favorite mysteries”) for your blog or to use as a LinkedIn post.
  • Record videos where you read some of the nominations and reasons.
  • Create social media quote graphics with the entries.

May 9, Lost Sock Memorial Day

Are you a poet? Write your “Ode to the Lost Sock.”

May book promotion opportunities for poets

A humorist? Explain where the socks that don’t come out of the dryer end up.

Schedule an Instagram Live so you and your followers can pause together at a specific time to honor and remember all the socks they’ve lost. Be sure to promote it in advance.

May 20, Be a Millionaire Day

Do you write about money?


Call attention to your book on Be a Millionaire Day by sending a tip sheet to the press or guest blogging about money mistakes people are making that will prevent them from being able to celebrate this special day.

Go live on Instagram to talk to millennials and Gen Y about how to save now so they can retire early.

To reach a younger audience, create a series of TikTok videos that explain each “must-do” for anyone seeking millionaire status sooner rather than later.

Your May book promotion opportunities

Here’s a partial list of the merry, merry month of May marketing opportunities you can add to next month’s book promotion calendar. Get the full list on the Holiday Insights site. (And while you’re there, look ahead to other months.)

Here’s a list of the merry, merry month of May marketing opportunities you can add to next month’s book promotion calendar.Click to tweet
  • Date Your Mate Month
  • Gifts from the Garden Month
  • Mystery Month
  • National Recommitment Month
  • May 1 Save the Rhino Day
  • May 3 Garden Meditation Day
  • May 3 Lumpy Rug Day
  • May 3 Space Day
  • May 4 National Candied Orange Peel Day
  • May 5 National Hoagie Day
  • May 6 National Tourist Appreciation Day
  • May 7 National Teacher’s Day
  • May 8 National Outdoor Intercourse Day
  • May 9 Lost Sock Memorial Day
  • May 10 Clean up Your Room Day 
  • May 11 Eat What You Want Day
  • May 11 Hanging Flower Baskets Day
  • May 11 National Babysitters Day
  • May 13 Frog Jumping Day
  • May 14 Dance Like a Chicken Day
  • May 17 Pack Rat Day
  • May 18 Visit Your Relatives Day
  • May 20 Be a Millionaire Day
  • May 21 National Waiters and Waitresses Day
  • May 23 Lucky Penny Day
  • May 24 International Tiara Day
  • May 25 Tap Dance Day
  • May 26 National Paper Airplane Day
  • May 31 Flip Flop Day

Be sure to check out the list of book-related occasions during May in our downloadable 2024 literary calendar, too.

Which of these surprising May occasions speak to you? How will you use next month to help generate conversation and call attention to your book in a lighthearted way?

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