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Authors and Facebook Live

Facebook Live book promotion ideas

Remember all the buzz about video app Periscope in early 2015? Marketing gurus were bombarding us on social media with videos they created with the new tool from Twitter. In my late 2015 blog post, “Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome,” I warned about investing a lot of time and energy into using new tools  until you were confident they could help you reach your book’s target audience.

We might finally have a video app that can do that in Facebook Live. In fact, authors and Facebook Live could be quite compatible.

You’re not familiar with Facebook Live? You are if you saw this May 2016 video of Candace Payne trying on her Chewbacca mask. This epic video by the woman who has become known as “Chewbacca mom” has been viewed 185 million times and shared by more than 3.3 million people. (I dare you not to laugh along with you as you watch.)

19 of the best podcasts for authors and writers

podcasts for authors and writers

Have you discovered the many podcasts for authors and writers yet?

Whether you’re interested in craft, publishing, or marketing or just want to listen to writers talking about writing, you’ll find a podcast that hits your sweet spot.

And for those who would rather read than listen, some podcasters even offer transcripts.

I’ve compiled this list of 19 of the best as a starting point for you. Try sampling a few; you might even get hooked.

For the sake of consistency, each link goes to the podcast’s iTunes page. I did that so you could easily see a list of recent episodes and topics.

Some of the podcasts have “show notes” for each episode; I’ve linked to those when they’re available, too. (At the website, click on the episode title to get the show notes.) Show notes are often an episode recap and links to resources and other specifics mentioned during the show. If there’s a transcript, you’ll find it in the show notes.

Here they are in alphabetical order.

Book review: Sell More Books With Less Social Media

Sell More Books

I’m a fan of Chris Syme’s, so it’s no surprise that I like her newest book, Sell More Books With Less Social Media: Spend less time marketing and more time writing.

There’s no question that Chris knows what she’s talking about. What’s more, she communicates clearly and effectively. As I was reading, just as I reached a point where I thought, “It would help me to see this in a chart,” POOF! a chart appeared! She understands what her readers need.

Goal setting for authors

Les Brown goal quote

According to research, goal setters accomplish more than those who don’t set goals. What’s more, people who write down their goals are 42 percent more likely to achieve them simply by writing them down.

This is why goal setting for authors is so important.

Give yourself an advantage:

  1. Put thought into what you want to accomplish in 2017.
  2. Write that down.
  3. Create a plan that will help you get there.

Guest post: Facebook 101 for authors

Facebook 101 for authorsToday’s guest blogger, Joel Pitney, is a writer, filmmaker, and book launch specialist. He offers book marketing services and custom author website design. There’s lots of “Facebook 101 for authors” information to absorb, so you might want to bookmark it so you can refer back to it later. 

Facebook 101 for authors

By Joel Pitney

When I bring up Facebook to my author clients, the responses range from “What’s the relationship between book sales and vacation selfies?” to “I know Facebook is important, but I have no idea why or how to leverage it for my book.” But I’ve found Facebook, when used effectively, to be the most effective social media outlet for authors to drive traffic to their websites and build exposure for their books.

In this article, I’ll address some of the key decisions that authors face when launching or refining their Facebook campaigns. I will also outline the best practices I’ve found to be most helpful.

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