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Add your book’s price to Pinterest

Are you using Pinterest for book promotion? (You’re not? Learn more about why you might want to in this post, “Pinterest for books: Is it for you?”)

If you are, you probably have pinned your book cover to a board dedicated to your book and related images. Highlight the fact that your book is for sale (subtlety is over-rated!) by adding the price to it. It will look like the image here on the right.

Here’s how to do it

Don’t know how to add a price to your pin? It’s real easy. Watch this short video (or read the transcript below). After beginning to play the video below, select “Watch on YouTube” in the lower right corner of the viewer to see it in full screen version. Or, go directly to YouTube to view it there.

Loose transcript

It’s real easy.

  • Start with the board on your Pinterest page that has your book cover. I’ll start with mine as the example.
  • Select the pin with your book cover, then select edit.
  • In the description, add the price for your book, remembering to add the dollar sign. The dollar sign is important because that’s what  tells Pinterest to treat your price differently —  and differently means you get this banner right here in the upper corner. it looks pretty good, doesn’t it?
  • Then select “save pin,” and go back to your book in the final version to see what it looks like.

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