1. I KNOW I should be collecting emails, but I am tearing out my hair trying to figure out how to hook up the landing page to deliver a free gift to the subscriber. Is there a good vidwo to explain this? The Mail Chimp videos I’ve seen so far are outdated.

    AND there are so many saying newsletters are dead, so why bother to collect emails if I just annoy readers with another newsletter?

    JQ Rose

    1. JQ, the process followed depends on the service you’re using. If you’re using MailChimp, you’ll have to rely on that company’s tech support. You can also pay someone to set it up for you.

      As for “so many” saying newsletters are dead, who are those people? In many cases, the people who criticize a tactic do so because they implement it incorrectly and don’t get the results they hope for, then blame the tactic, not the execution. If your newsletter is all “me, me, me,” as many are, it isn’t going to be useful. The best approach is one that focuses on providing the reader with what the reader wants to know or learn, not what you want to tell them. Some people struggle to accept that approach, though, and continue to send out newsletters that are nothing but,”Here’s what I want you to know about me and my book.” Yawn….


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