4 sites that support indie authors

Because tomorrow, July 4, is America’s Independence Day, I’d like to recognize four websites that support, nurture, and encourage indie authors.

They are sites — often more like communities, really — where independent authors can gather, learn, commiserate, and grow. They provide opportunities to showcase books, ask questions, offer opinions, or share helpful content.

Check out these indie author sites

There are far more than these, of course, but these four have caught my attention.

Alliance of Independent Authors

Because this is a membership organization, some of its most valuable features — including meetups and online forums — are closed to nonmembers, but membership is affordable (and worth it). Nonmembers have access to the organization’s blog and its excellent content.

Association of Independent Authors

This is also a membership organization, but one any serious independent author needs to join. With robust forums, links to top resources, even a “how to self-publish” manual, the AiA helps indies learn, grow, and flourish.

Indie Reader

Describing itself as “the essential guide to self-published books and the people who write them,” Indie Reader offers authors industry-related content, the IR Discovery Awards, advertising opportunities, and paid honest reviews. There are no guarantees that you’ll like your paid review, but you can be certain the reviewer will submit it to Amazon.com.

Indies Unlimited

Clearly, any website with “Comment Policy” as a toolbar option enjoys lots of discussion. Authors can participate and contribute on the site in a number of ways, making this a solid online home for indie authors and the readers who love them.

What’s your favorite indie author site?

I’d really appreciate hearing what you think of these sites and getting recommendations from you for others you think do a great job of helping independent authors. What sites or resources that have a sense of community would you add to the list?

What’s your favorite site for indie authors? Please comment.

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