Use hand gestures in TV interviews

I teach the authors in my Book Publicity 101 courses to make sure they use natural hand gestures when doing television interviews. It’s how we talk naturally when we’re not nervous because we’re on TV.

It also makes us more visually appealing.

But now there’s information that backs up my assertion in point 5 of “9 things you wish you knew before your first TV interview” that you want to gesture with your hands when doing on-camera interviews.

Hand talkers seem friendlier

According to a recent segment on the “Today Show” (video below), people who use hand gestures are seen as friendlier than people who don’t talk with their hands. Non-hand talkers, it seems, are often perceived as colder or less friendly.

Is that what you want people to think of you when you’re on television? Or would you rather be viewed as warm, open, or engaging?

The segment explains what you need to know and what to do with what you learn.

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High or low?

One of the most important tips to come from this segment addresses how you gesture. Don’t get so excited that you let your hands go above your shoulder area. High Hand Gesturing (I have just identified this as a syndrome . . . HHG) suggests that you’re out of control.

That can be acceptable in other areas of your life, but it’s not the image you want to present to TV talk show or news viewers.

Get more TV interview tips at the “Today Show” site and on “9 things you wish you knew before your first TV interview.”

What catches your attention when you see someone interviewed on a TV talk show? Is it their hand movements — of the lack of them? The expression on their face? How they’re dressed? Help others by sharing your thoughts in a comment!

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    1. Good point, Grace! : )

      Remember to stand up during your radio interview. It will give your voice more energy.


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