This is where hard work will take you

All the way to Times Square in New York City.

I know this is a lame blog post. But if you said to me, “My head shot was featured in a two-story display on Times Square. Should I share it on my blog?,” I would say to you, “Absolutely!”

I need to practice what I preach a little more . . . so here’s mine.

The giant mug shot on the Reuter’s Building in Times Square, New York City, on December 4 promoted the Twitter chat I did with ProfNet for its #ConnectChat series (read the recap online). It’s both fun and freaky at the same time, but I’m glad my friends at ProfNet sent me the photo so I could share it with my mother.

Keep at it

This kind of, um, “exposure,” didn’t happen by chance. It wasn’t a fluke. It’s not the result of “knowing the right people.”

It’s an outcome of my effort to stay focused on my goal, which is to help authors save money by learning how to do their own book publicity, promotion, and marketing. Sometimes something pulls me slightly off course, but because my goal is clear, I can always get back on track.

And I just keep working at it. I hope you will do the same thing with your book publicity. Just keep at it, even if all you give it is 30 minutes a week. I’m not saying it will get your book cover up on Times Square, but you might be surprised at where you end up. I sure was.

What are you doing this week to promote your book?

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  1. My partner and I are working on the idea of audio podcasts to keep our fans updated and enthused about our new release as well as what went on behind the scenes so they know where the whole thing came from.

    You are such an inspiration, thanks for sharing this and bet your Mom was ecstatic to see this!

    “Focus” is the key word, indeed and thanks for reminding us all that it is!

    1. Thanks, Ranjini! You’ll have fun with a podcast, I’m sure! Have you thought about video, too, so you can demonstrate techniques, where to find ingredients, etc.?


    1. Thank you for saying that, Michelle! I was reluctant to blog about it because I’m not big on the “look at me!” stuff, but thought that it might inspire someone. I’m SO glad that it did.


  2. Congratulations, Sandy! I couldn’t be more pleased for you. Thanks for letting us in on the good news.
    You’ve definitely earned the right to see your name (or in this case, your face) in lights.
    You give away information so generously, and it’s always substantive and useful. That’s why you’ve attracted a devoted following.
    This photo is an inspiration to us all. It means that if you give to others in a big way, your contributions will eventually be acknowledged in a big way.

    1. Thanks so much, Tina — you really made my day! I work hard to be helpful, and it means so much to know that you find the information I share useful. Thank you for taking the time to say so — it means so much to me!


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