Holiday gifts for authors and writers

Help the people who love you buy just the right gift for you by starting with this gift guide for writers! I’ve got lots of great ideas here, so start scrolling and clicking through to the products to learn more. Build a wish list and e-mail it to the people in your life who want to buy you something special and meaningful for the holiday this year!


“Ask me about my book” t-shirt with book image. Women, short sleeves, lots of colors.

“Ask me about my book” t-shirt with script writing. Women, short sleeves, lots of colors.

“I write” t-shirt. Men, short sleeves, lots of colors.

“Will write for chocolate” t-shirt. Women, short sleeves, lots of colors.

“Will write for chocolate” long-sleeve shirt. Women, long sleeves, lots of colors. If this link takes you to short sleeves, look in the pictures in the lower right for the long-sleeve version because this link seems to be tempermental.

“Careful or you’ll end up in my novel” t-shirt.  Men, short sleeves, lots of colors. I love this one!

“I write because I must” apron. Much better than “Kiss the cook.”

“First drafts don’t have to be perfect. They just have to be written” apron. What a perfect gift for a cookbook author!

“Super author” apron. You’ll believe it when you wear this.  


Better Than Great: A Plenitudinous Compendium of Wallopingly Fresh Superlatives. An assortment of words and ideas for describing extraordinary things.

My Life Story.  Create your own diary and record all the highs and lows, trials and tribulations, times good and bad in your entire life time. Capture all the different events during your life time in one book instead of buying a new diary every year.

Gift cards for e-books. You’ve wondered how to do this, haven’t you? What a cool idea — and a great way to give a popular book!


Book cover made into pin or tie tack: Diane Plumley ( will turn your author’s book examples into jewelry for around $20 (sorry, no website).

I read banned booksText art wall canvas fabricated from vintage public library catalog cards. The artist has a small selection; inquire about custom quotations, too. A portion of each sale goes to libraries and literacy programs.

White noise machine. This is particularly useful if you’re trying to write in a noisy workplace or corner of your home.

Colorful character thumb drives/flash drives. So cute!

Book Lover’s Gift Box. It includes the banned books coffee mugs, Notable Novelists card game, book lover’s magnets, and Mirth in a Box sticky notes.

“Jane Pawsten” iPhone case. Artist Chet Phillips turns our favorite literary character into a cat.

Vintage typewriter notecards. Anyone who started writing on a typewriter will love these.


Insulated mug personalized with your author’s book cover. What author wouldn’t love sipping from a tumbler displaying his book cover?

“Writer” coffee mug. You know . . . in case anyone wonders while you’re sipping coffee at 2 a.m. while pounding away at the keyboard to meet tomorrow’s deadline.


“Readers Choice.” This lovely, aged hollow book is filled with carefully selected sweets and freshly roasted nuts (but it’s pricey at $100).

Premium, fresh-roasted coffee. The coffee you select from Buona Caffe Artisan Roasted Coffee is roasted by hand only after you order it and sealed immediately in a special de-gassing bag that preserves its freshness and flavor until you’re ready to brew it. My writer friend Pat Curry and her husband and co-owner donate 50 cents from every bag sold to Children’s Safe Drinking Water.

Boxful of healthy snacks. Toss out those Fritos. Nibbles offers an impressive selection of unusual healthy snacks to feed the writer’s brain — all for under $20 and free shipping. There are even yummy options for gluten-free gals like me.  

What’s your favorite gift for writers and authors? Tell us in a comment!

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