Attention book lovers: Read at least 10% of your Kindle Unlimited books

People who love to read are excited about Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s new service that lets book lovers pay $9.99 per month to borrow up to 10 e-books with no return date.

With the average price of an e-book between $6 and $7, you might save money by borrowing just two books.

But is it a good deal for authors?

It will be if every Kindle Unlimited customer does just one thing with all borrowed books:

Read at least 10 percent of the borrowed book.


Because if you don’t, authors won’t get paid for writing the book you borrowed.

If you buy it, they get paid. If you borrow it through Kindle Unlimited, they’re paid only when you go past the “10 percent read” mark.

So, please: Read at least 10% of the books you borrow on Amazon through the Kindle Unlimited program so authors can afford to continue to write the books you love.

(You don’t even have to actually “read” that 10 percent — just flip through the pages until you hit 11 percent!)

Thank you!

Please share this with your networks so that book lovers learn that reading just 10 percent of a borrowed book will make sure the author is fairly compensated. 

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