1. Very interesting read.

    I need to rethink my blog.

    I don’t have a single follower and have been confused
    as to how I can change that. It also makes blogging seem
    more like a ‘task’ or ‘waste of time’ rather than the joy
    it was with the first two entries I made.


    1. Geoff, there’s no easy one-step solution to your problem, but hang in there! You want to make sure that you’re writing material that people want to read, that you understand SEO (search engine optimization — learn more at this post on this blog: http://bit.ly/H3nC9z), and that you’re sharing links to your post through your social media networks so that others see them and click through.

      Learning how to do it, then acting on what you’ve learned, takes time. Good luck!


  2. Blogs are becoming a part of our lives and any information on the does and don’t(s) are a very appreciated part of the information needed during the steep learning curve.

      1. Word Press is very confusing for a Non technical person. I used my savings while hiring people to do it my way. Ea. one had a different vision and produced a product from their perspective.
        Then came the glitch where I can’t get the Blog or Healing power of Writing links to space paragraphs as I had them written originally.
        Pictures don’t show up.
        There is a Word Press LinkedIn site, but it’s for techno people, not us who can’t figure it out.
        In summary, your advice about Blogging sounds Super! However, it’s not for the ordinary every day non-highly technical senior who keeps looking for a donation of help

        1. Thanks for your perspective, Marcia.

          Here’s a tip: Find 1 or 2 tactics that are effective at reaching your target audience, and that you’re good at or enjoying doing, and focus on them, ignoring all of the other options. Blogging might not be your best bet and even if it is, there are other options if you’re not comfortable blogging.


  3. The floating share bar is the most annoying thing. Ranking just behind ‘I like Walmart’. I can’t figure out how to get rid of it and it interferes with my reading. Covers up a good amount of text.

    1. The one you can’t seem to get out of the way no matter what you do? Sometimes refreshing the page helps.

      : )


  4. Hi Sandra,

    I am new to blogging. I just posted #7 today. I have done one a week, as suggested as the minimum by my blog instructor. She has me adding pictures, headers, links, and utubes. She had me sign up and use google’s blogger. I find that there are some glitches, although it seems adequate (as far as I can tell). The main frustrations come from your third point which is ‘ease of sharing’. Their floating share bar seems very unfriendly and limited.

    What is your opinion of google’s blogger? Also, I don’t know how to ‘install’ programs like digdig and addon, as we didn’t cover that in the intro class…. thanks for your help. Feel free to check out my blog!

    Thanks, John Green

    P.S. A very nice linkedin member (Violet) shared your page with me.

    1. John, your choices are generally Blogger or WordPress; here’s an article that explains the differences better than I ever could: http://www.epreneur.tv/blogger-v-wordpress-the-best-blog-platform/. Mine is a WordPress.org site — it gives me more options and flexibility than you’ll get with Blogger but Blogger has Google!

      You’ll have to check to see if you can install DiggDigg and AddThis on Blogger.

      My thanks to Violet!


  5. Ack! I need more images, but often I don’t have anything to add. I don’t need bullets or sub-heads usually, and I’m probably short of icons. I do have Sparkle (pet) though on my house blog.

        1. Joy, if you’re writing blog posts that people want to share, you’ll get more sharing (and more traffic) if you make it easier by installing some ype of add-on that lets people do it by clicking on an icon.


  6. I know. I tried to do a few things on one of my blogs last night, but I couldn’t even find the menu for links–and I installed some at the beginning apparently. I need time to explore more…

  7. I have considered how to attract followers, Twitter has a good search system and it is a place to pick up followers, if you have something that interests them.

  8. I’ve been blogging for nearly 10 years now, and I take part in the annual “Blogging from A to Z” challenge in April.

    Let me add a warning – be very careful about the images you choose to include in your blog. There are sometimes copyright restrictions, and if you use a photograph that belongs to someone else, and they find out, it could cost you. Take it from someone who knows this all too well.

    1. EXCELLENT tip, Martha! I’ve paid a price for that, too, thinking I was sharing an image that wasn’t copyrighted, only to find out later that it was. (GULP.) You’ll probably agree with me that you never want to grab an image from just “anywhere.” Use stock photography sites. I’ve got a list of options here: https://buildbookbuzz.com/free-stock-image-sources/

      Thank you for that important reminder!


  9. Oh, I knew you’d have a list, Sandy! Thank you.
    Yes, there’s actually a guy who uses a program to hunt down violators, then he sends them an invoice. It happened to me and I was devastated. I pleaded my case (dramatically) and he halved the fine. But still….

  10. Sandy, thanks for this post. I recently had so much on my computer that I had to do a cleaning-out getting ready for my website’s birth. Thanks for keeping me in your file. Your info re blogging I really need, so please keep me in your file. I will be working with WordPress and of course getting a bit nervous mixed with excitement. You have one of my favorite websites – it is so bright,bursting with color as it pops on the screen, like the sun blowing away dark rainy clouds. Thanks again!!
    Olga Oliver

  11. Hello Sandy. Thank you for your advice. No doubt it will help me, quite considerably. The book I have just written, is called, “On the Road of Life, be prepared for Upgrades, Detours, and Potholes.” It is the story of my life. When I was born, my family didn’t want me, because I was a male, and not a female. They held that against me, till the day they died. Have had three bad marriages, as well as inner health problems, but if I wan t to do something, I will do it. During my life, I have also had two near death experiences. My reason for writing the book, is because there are so many people taking their own life, because they have a problem, and they cannot overcome it. I would also like to have one of the major film companies, to make it into a movie. The reason for thinking along those lines, is because the message would be able to reach a lot more people. there is six hundred and twenty pages, an each chapter, is dedicated to a year of my life. I have had many ups and downs in my life, but it was never boring. Thank you for taking the time to read my email.

    1. I do hope your book helps others survive life’s inevitable ups and downs, Brendan. We all need hope; it sounds like you’re offering it. Thanks for your message.


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