Top 10 book marketing articles from Build Book Buzz in 2018

This year, we’ve published more than 50 Build Book Buzz book marketing articles that are designed to help authors learn more about how to promote their books.

Whether I write them or tap into the wisdom of an expert for a guest post, the goal is always to provide factual, helpful, “here’s how” information you can use immediately to help you sell more books.

Here’s a list of the 10 articles on the Build Book Buzz blog that you liked the most in 2018. Be sure to share the link to this post so more of your author friends can learn from them.

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1. How to get kicked out of a Facebook group

How to get kicked out of a Facebook group

Online discussions taking too much of your time? Here are 13 surefire ways to get kicked out of your favorite Facebook group. (Be sure to read the comments, too. This article’s readers are so helpful.)

2. Are authors allowed to vote on Amazon reviews of their books?

vote on Amazon reviews

Are authors allowed to vote on Amazon reviews of their own books? And should they vote on those reader reviews? Get the answers here.

3. Are you on Instagram? Let’s collaborate there! 

Want to get more exposure for your book on Instagram? Keep reading. I’d like to showcase your book on my Instagram account so it gets attention.

4. How I use Instagram to sell more books

use Instagram to sell more books 2

Guest blogger Kate Hanley explains how to use Instagram to sell more books. Kate’s been micro-blogging on that platform to promote her new book, How to Be a Better Person.

5. Are you uncomfortable with book promotion? Try this

uncomfortable with book promotion

Are you uncomfortable with book promotion? Here’s a tip that will turn that around and make you proud to share book information with the people you wrote it for.

6. 3 author mistakes that will hold you back in 2018

3 author mistakes that will hold you back in 2018

Want to sell more books? Stop making these three common author mistakes. It’s not as hard to turn things around as you might think.

7. 7 tried and true ways to make a book cover decision

book cover decision

Is asking social media friends, “Which cover do you like more?” the best way to make a book cover decision? Publishing pros offer seven selection tips.

8. Use quirky holidays in March for book marketing

quirky holidaysAdd a little fun to your book marketing by taking advantage of quirky holidays in March to call attention to your book. Here are a few holidays and ideas.

9. 5 ways to collaborate with other authors (besides writing a book together)


Want to see your book take off? Collaborate with other authors rather than compete with them. Here are five ideas to you started and soaring.

10. Book review: How to Format Your Book in Word

format your book

Need to figure out how to format your book in Word? Read Colin Dunbar’s book on that subject to get all the help and instruction you need. It will feel like he’s sitting right next to you, guiding you through the process.

What’s the most important thing about book marketing that you learned this year? Please tell us in a comment. 

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