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How to promote your book with tip sheets

When Irish children’s author Avril O’Reilly sent a tip sheet to media outlets throughout the country, she had immediate success that included newspaper and television interviews for her fiction children’s book, Kathleen and the Communion Copter.

Avril learned how to create and distribute a tip sheet, a type of press release that offers tips or advice, in my Book Marketing 101: How to Build Book Buzz for Fiction E-course.

Using the prescribed format for this powerful publicity tool, Avril offered parents  advice for selecting just the right Communion gift for little girls. She made that bridge between fiction — her book — and nonfiction — the advice she could offer as a result of her book’s research — to create a tip sheet that offered the media useful information they could use immediately.

Article shows you how to write one

I’ve shared the steps Avril and others students in the course use with success in a magazine article, “Tip Sheets: An Author’s Best Publicity Tool” (see pages 24-25). It explains the concept, how you will use it, how to write one, and mistakes to avoid.

Save yourself a lot of time, and enjoy the resulting exposure, by mastering the tip sheet writing process outlined in the article. (Or, if you prefer the fill-in-the-blanks approach that a template offers, check out Build Book Buzz Publicity Forms & Templates. It includes a fill-in-the-blanks form with a sample.)

I know from experience that tip sheets are incredibly hard-working tools that help authors, especially novelists, get media exposure their books might not otherwise enjoy. But tell me, what book publicity tool do you use with success? What’s working for you? Please comment here!

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  1. Thanks, Sandra. One of my ghostwriting clients can use some help with book promotion, and this tip sheet idea is yet another of your helpful suggestions which I will pass along to him. It’s definitely an approach that I wouldn’t have considered. Yet even while reading your post I thought of several tip sheet topics that relate to his book.

    I appreciate your consistently valuable pointers here. You keep me coming back!

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful, Karen. Thanks for letting me know! (And I’m really glad you keep coming back!)


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