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How to promote a book without using social media

promote a book without using social media

Tired of trying to figure out how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest effectively to promote your book?

Do you wish there were other options that are a better fit for your style, skills, personality, or preferences?

Do you want to know how to promote a book without using social media?

You are not alone. Keep reading.

Put your fictional characters on social media

social media
Travis Maddox
has one.

So does Thomas Loud.

Heck, even Ivan the Giraffe is in on it.

You’ll find these fictional characters on social media. And they’re all from books.

It’s an effective strategy for novelists, but big brands are in on the fun, too. Elmo, Superman, Mr. Peanut, and even Barbie all have their own accounts on networks that include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

10 terrible social media myths authors should avoid

Chris SymeI connected with today’s guest blogger, Chris Syme, when she let me know that she linked to one of my articles in her guest post about social media. Impressed with her message in that article, I invited her to write a guest post for us on social media myths. Chris is a 20-year veteran of the communications industry and principal of the award-winning CKSyme Media Group. The author of three books on social media, she is a frequent speaker on the national stage. Her third book, SMART Social Media For Authors, is now on pre-order at Amazon and will be released November 1. Follow her on Twitter and get more tips her agency’s blog for authors.

10 terrible social media myths authors should avoid

By Chris Syme

When it comes to social media, it seems like we will believe just about anything. If we see it on the Internet it must be true, right?

Much of what we’ve come to think about social media is just wrong. It’s time to tear down those tips and tricks that people keep telling us and close the door on bad social media advice.

3 steps to more social media followers

more social media followers 1

Did you play “follow the leader” as a kid?

I did. In some situations, we still play it as adults, too, right? (I don’t think many would survive in the workplace if they didn’t know how to do this.)

But did you know that it can also help you get more social media followers?

While I typically don’t recommend playing follow the leader when you’re marketing your book because blindly following someone else could take you in the wrong direction, there is one situation where I strongly encourage it.

Book sales skyrocket when author adds social media images

Randi LeeI connected with guest blogger Randi Lee recently in a Facebook group for authors and this guest post about how she has seen sales climb when she uses social media images is a result of our conversation there. In addition to being an author and blogger, Randi is a freelance writer, editor, and designer living in New England with her family and two much-loved dogs. She recently released her debut novel, Affected, and is currently working on its sequel, Ascendance. Randi loves sharing tips and supporting fellow authors, often posting helpful advice and author spotlights on her website Affected, her action-packed dystopian thriller, is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes.

Book sales skyrocket when author adds social media images

By Randi Lee

Recently on this site, Sandra Beckwith discussed the importance of using social media images in  your book marketing campaign. She informed us that tweets with images receive 150 percent more retweets—that’s how powerful they are!

I’m visiting Build Book Buzz today as a success story, showing proof of this strategy. I’m here to show you how a visual addition to your campaign can have an amazing impact, leading to increased sales, exposure, and recognition—almost instantly.

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