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Our most popular book marketing articles published in 2023

What articles did you like the most on this site this year? Here are our most popular book marketing articles for 2023. 

I always enjoy documenting the year’s most popular book marketing articles on this site.

I use Google Analytics to determine which blog posts attracted the most traffic (visits). Interestingly, the top 10 list always includes articles written before the current calendar year, but when I compile this list, I include only those created or updated in 2023.

The list helps you by highlighting articles you’re interested in but might have missed while helping me:

  • Identify trends
  • Uncover surprises (for example, the social media sharing number doesn’t necessarily correlate with traffic)
  • Determine what to write about in the following year

Your 10 most popular book marketing articles

Which Build Book Buzz articles did you like the most? Here’s the countdown to your favorite and most popular book marketing articles of the year.

No. 10. Is Stratton Press a publishing predator? Here’s everything you need to know

When a publishing predator called me, I documented the conversation and emails so I could share here how they try to scam authors. The resulting article includes six signs you’ve heard from a predator, too, as a checklist. (These scammers are pretty awful, aren’t they?)

No. 9. Curious about book funnels? Here’s (almost) everything you need to know

A book funnel is a marketing strategy used to increase book sales. (The generic term used across all industries is “sales funnel.”) It’s a series of steps that guide potential readers from discovering your book to purchasing it. This primer explains their purpose, advantages, and elements.

No. 8. 8 ways to make your book’s press release work harder for you

Your book’s press release — a book announcement press release — is a necessary and versatile tool. Like all of your content and marketing materials, you want it to work as hard as possible for you. Get eight time-tested ways to use yours to attract more attention to your book.

No. 7. 5 things I tell authors that really annoy them

People often have a romanticized view of authorship. Most days, it’s anything but. This publishing reality check helps manage expectations while maximizing success. It’s what you wish you had learned sooner.

No. 6. 5 smart book marketing tasks you can whip out in 5 minutes

Do you feel like you never have enough time for book promotion? That’s definitely my experience, and it’s the impetus behind this article. Which of these five quick book marketing tasks are a good fit for you, your skills, and your audience?

No. 5. 3 Amazon reader review myths: What you need to know

We all know it can be hard to differentiate between myth and reality when it comes to anything Amazon-related. This myth-busting article, which is current and factual as of publication date, includes important links to more information on the Amazon site. It also includes helpful information on how to snag those all-important reader reviews.

No. 4. Huge changes in Amazon KDP: What authors need to know in 2023

At the end of May, Amazon KDP announced a raft of immediate changes, the most important of which concerned book categories. A book promotion services provider and long-time KDP pro summarizes the changes for us in this in-depth guest post.

No. 3. QuickWrite review: Why I recommend this AI tool created just for authors  

Artificial intelligence — AI — is the topic of the year. Like it or not, it’s here to stay. I’d never use AI to write a book — and I don’t think anyone else should — but it can be helpful as an author’s assistant. I’ve reviewed the timesaving AI tool I use. It’s created specifically for authors, making it more useful to us than.

No. 2. Traditional publishing or self-publishing? The harsh reality you don’t want to hear

Search online about traditional versus self-publishing and pretty much every search engine result will spell out the pros and cons of each option. What you won’t find anywhere but in this article, though, is that you’re not the one who decides whether traditional publishing is an option for your book. If you’re new to book publishing, read this article now.

No. 1. Use 2023 literary calendar with 152 bookish occasions to celebrate and support books

No matter how you want to support books and reading, you’ll find plenty of popular literary dates plus special days, weeks, and months that focus on books, reading, writing, and literacy in the 2023 literary calendar. And be sure to download and save the new Build Book Buzz 2024 Literary Calendar, too.

I’ve been providing how-to book marketing information here for more than a decade, so there’s a huge amount of free information on a wide range of topics on this site.

Whenever you need to learn about something, type the topic into the search box.

I’m looking forward to another year of learning and sharing with you.

What do you want me to write about on this blog in the coming year? Please offer suggestions in a comment below.

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