Listen in to learn how to publicize and promote your podcast

According to Statista, 17 percent of Americans listened to a podcast during the previous month when surveyed earlier in 2015. That’s an increase of 2 percent over 2014.

As podcasts continue to become more popular, more and more authors like you will use this communications tool to reach their target audience.

Just as it’s not enough to write a book and wait for it to be discovered,you can’t create a podcast and expect it to succeed without promoting it.

To learn how to do that, listen to this week’s episode of the “Podcasting Success Secrets for Authors and Entrepreneurs” podcast. I’m talking with host D’vorah Lansky about “How to Publicize and Promote Your Podcast.”

In just 30 minutes, you’ll get the essential information you need to make sure your podcast gets known and you get heard. If you host a podcast or plan to, you definitely want to make sure you listen to our conversation.

You can listen in and get the show notes on the podcast site, but you can also download it on iTunes, which is where I listen to Podcasting Success Secrets for Authors and Entrepreneurs. And hey, after you listen to my conversation with D’vorah, listen to a few more of her podcasts and then write a review. iTunes reviews are a lot like Amazon reviews — they help good content get found.

Enjoy the show!

Come back here and ask any questions you might have after the interview!

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