How much do you know about book marketing?


Confucius might say today, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” right?

And when you don’t know enough about book marketing, you’re likely to put your time and effort into the wrong tactics.

The “Book Marketing 101: How to Build Book Buzz Premium E-courses” that I teach — one for fiction and another for nonfiction — teach you what will work, and what won’t work, for your book. Again, that’s for your book — nobody else’s.

You learn how to find your target audience, where to reach them, and how to get your book title in front of them. And you learn in a small group, supportive environment where you get personal attention and all the answers you need.

If you write fiction, review the course outline here: Book Marketing 101 for Fiction: How to Build Book Buzz.

If you write nonfiction, review the course outline here: Book Marketing 101: How to Build Book Buzz. The nonfiction course lets you register as either a self-published or traditionally published author but because this course is so personalized, it doesn’t matter which option you select. I’ll make sure you get the instruction you need.

Next session is February 2

If you’re ready to discover what you don’t know and to act on what you’ll learn, register now because the courses start Monday, February 2, 2015. Please send me a note if you have questions or ask by commenting below.

What do you think is missing from your book marketing knowledge?




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  1. Hi Sandra: Thank you for your great material. I tried to email you from today’s enewsletter but Word said it didn’t work. I’ve looked through your site and this seems the only way to send you an email.
    One question: I have four books, one has sold over 160,000 copies in it’s 15+ years (I’m Too Young to be This Old), my latest came out in 2013 (Why Can’t He be More Like Me?). How new does a book need to be to keep promoting it with the ideas you share?

    Comment: I recently signed up for $99.00 with Graphicstock.com but haven’t been totally satisfied. I checked out the Dollar site you recommend and loved what I found. Thanks for the heads up. I will look into my options.

    1. Poppy, that’s odd. People have replied to today’s newsletter and I’ve gotten their responses, and my e-mail address is at the bottom of every newsletter and on the about/contact page of this site.

      That said…you can use the tactics taught in the Book Marketing 101 e-course to promote your book as long as it’s available for purchase — it doesn’t matter how “new” or “old” it is. The content is designed to help authors discover how to promote their books long after the launch, and long after any publisher support has faded away.

      I LOVE Dollar Photo Club! It has saved me so much time while giving me such better images to work with — that’s why I became an affliate: http://www.sandrarecommends/dollarphoto . It’s fun to share tools that actually work! Sorry to hear you were disappointed with Graphicstock, though.

      Feel free to e-mail me at sbATbuildbookbuzz.com if you have more questions — replace AT with @, of course!



  2. Hi Ms. Beckwith, I want to know if you will be available to give me some advice on marketing and publicity of my book. I really would like to use your name as a person who can advise me. I will probably have $5000. in my budget for marketing and promotion. I actually wrote my book a few years ago, but did little to promote it. I feel that I’m virtually unknown, except for my inner circle. I am in the process of cutting back on the number of pages and editing my work. I’ve no doubt that it can be very successful, even selling about 1/2 million copies or more. But I would like to launch it by September 1, 2017. I await your response. Shirley

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