29 gifts that authors and writers will love

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It’s my favorite time of the year, when I watch Hallmark holiday movies while searching the Internet for gifts that authors and writers will love.

This is the sixth year I’ve done this, and I got a little help with ideas this time. I used Help a Reporter Out (HARO), a service that helps journalists find sources.

I was able to use about one-quarter of the nearly 40 responses generated by my HARO query. That help, combined with my own digging around, yielded 29 excellent ideas for you, a writer friend, or someone in your writing group.

You’ll find a wide range of gift types and prices. Start shopping!

Gifts that authors and writers will love

Click on each product name to get more information. Full disclosure: Some of the selections include affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission on sales but the cost to you is the same. To keep it simple, presume they all have affiliate links. Also, prices are subject to change (I’ve seen changes in the past 48 hours!). 

1. Cute and colorful book socks 

This company has a really nice collection of bright and colorful socks for book lovers. There are several options at this Amazon link, and more on the manufacturer’s Happypop brand site, where there’s a 20 percent off Black Friday sale.


sock gifts that authors and writers will love


2. Punny teas

As a tea drinker, I love these LiTEAry teas. Options include Agatha ChrisTEA and Mark Twainquility.

$8.99 for 20 teabags

literary teas gifts that authors and writers will love


3. Author t-shirt  

Tell the world you’re an author by wearing your job title on a t-shirt. You can find a lot of “author” t-shirts online, but I like the simplicity of this one and the “Ask me about my book!” message on the back. Pick your own style and color; sizes run a little small.

Basic t-shirt, $24.25

author t-shirt gifts that authors and writers will love


4. The Courage Habit

This guide helps creative professionals – you – to create courage as a brain-based habit, leading to everything writers need to find success: confidence, progress towards goals, and emotional resilience.


courage habit gifts that authors and writers will love


5. Reader Book Review Form

Every author needs a copy of my fill-in-the-blanks form that helps readers write those all-important reader reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other retail and review sites. There’s one for fiction and another for nonfiction.

$9 for one, $17 for both fiction and nonfiction forms

negative book reviews 3


6. Aqua Notes Waterproof Note Pad

Back by popular demand! If you’re like me and get your best ideas in the shower, you need this.


aqua notes gifts that authors and writers will love


7. How Your Story Sets You Free

A great choice for memoirists, this guide teaches you how to share your experiences and invaluable knowledge with the people who need it most, whether it be in a book, blog post, motivational speech, or conversation.


how your story sets you free gifts that authors and writers will love


8. Prospek blue light glasses  

We’ve all heard plenty about the potential for harm from blue light emitted by digital devices. Reduce eye strain and headaches with computer glasses.

Starting at $38.45

blue light glasses gifts that authors and writers will love


9. Literary Places

A travel journalist provides comprehensive and atmospheric outlines of the history and culture of 25 literary places around the globe, as well as how they intersect with the lives of the authors and the works that make them significant. Full-page color illustrations instantly transport you to each location.


literary places gifts that authors and writers will love


10. Marble notebook

For the writer who has everything.

Starting at $85

marble notebook gifts that authors and writers will love


11. 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die Page-a-Day Calendar 2020

With the insight of a bookseller and the enthusiasm of a devoted reader, James Mustich shares hundreds of titles that range from the obscure to the immortal, the ancient to the contemporary. This is definitely going on my wish list!


1,000 books calendar gifts that authors and writers will love


12. AuthorLab

Save your favorite author time with an AuthorLab membership. AuthorLab is an all-in-one author platform with industry-leading software, tools, templates, and training videos for book covers, layouts, websites, and promotional materials. .

$29/month or $199 annually (get 50% off with my coupon code, AuthorLab50)

author lab gifts that authors and writers will love


13. 365 Daily Book Marketing Tips  

Let me give your author a book marketing tip every day for a year via email — for just 99 cents for the entire year! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

$.99 (yes, 99 cents for all 365 tips)

tips gifts that authors and writers will love


14. Grammarly premium  

This version of the popular Grammarly tool goes beyond grammar to help your favorite writer ensure that everything they write is clear, engaging, and professional.

$29.95/month, $19.98/month quarterly, $11.66/month annually

grammarly gifts that authors and writers will love


15. Noocaf Focus coffee  

Writers need two things to succeed: caffeine, and the ability to focus. This unique dark coffee blend does both by adding nootropics – substances that might improve memory, creativity, and motivation.

$32 for 12 oz.

noocaf gifts that authors and writers will love


16. Writer travel mug

Keep that Noocaf coffee hot in this book-themed stainless steel travel mug. What a great stocking stuffer!


travel mug gifts that authors and writers will love

17. Notebook with super powers

Now the author who likes to compose in a notebook and edit on the computer can bridge the analog and digital worlds. Write on Optik Paper, then download the companion free Scribzee app to scan, save, organize, share, and access notes at any time, from any place.


Hamelin notebook gifts that authors and writers will love


18. Handwoven book necklace

A mother/daughter duo handcrafts this seed bead necklace on an 18-inch silver-plated chain. The pair donates 10 percent of the profits to the House of Heroes, an organization that helps repair and improve the homes of military and public safety veterans who need help.


book pendant gifts that authors and writers will love


19. “Careful or you’ll end up in my novel” bracelet  

The adjustable bracelet made of stainless steel fits anyone and comes with a polishing cloth. It’s packaged in a gift bag.


bracelet gifts that authors and writers will love


20. WordSmith Deck

Get 100 intellectually stimulating writing prompt cards designed to inspire journaling, cure writer’s block, cultivate creative writing, and sharpen writing skills.


wordsmith deck gifts that authors and writers will love


21. Multi-tasking Lap Desk with USB Light

I liked my plain, ordinary, nothing special lap desk that I use on the porch in the summer until I saw this beauty. In addition to a nice little tablet slot, it has a slide out mouse deck with a smartphone slot.


lap desk gifts that authors and writers will love


22. Smartphone external battery pack 

I love this portable iPhone external battery – I never travel without it. Whether you get this brand or another (Anker also has lighter options with less power), I recommend an external battery pack not only for travel, but for pesky power outages. (Stuff happens.)


external battery gifts that authors and writers will love


23. You are a great, great author mug

All politics aside, this should be your motto. If it’s a gift for someone else, tell them this is exactly what you think of them. Motivate them while making them smile. We all need both, hugely.


author mug gifts that authors and writers will love


24. R-E-A-D bunting 

Add this simple garland to your favorite author’s stocking while supporting an independent artist.


bunting gifts that authors and writers will love


25. Apple AirPods

I had a pair of knock-off, $20 wireless earbuds until my family felt so sorry for me that they bought me the real thing for my birthday. These truly are a must-have for any book lover who listens to audiobooks all the time, as I do. I’m no longer tethered to my phone with a cord when I’m walking, doing housework, or cooking.

Splurge on this pair or, if you don’t have an iPhone, get the equivalent for your phone. For me, they are almost as life-changing as my DVR.


airpods gifts that authors and writers will love


26. Library Card Zipper Pouch 

How cute is this old-school library card zipper bag? It’s perfect for the baby boomer on your list. Scroll through all of the other options on the page, too. There’s one for every kind of book lover.


zip pouch gifts that authors and writers will love


27. I’d Rather Be Reading Tote

Wouldn’t this make a good book club gift? Side and bottom gussets mean it will hold a lot of books – or anything else. Click through to the second picture to see all of the colors available for this strong canvas tote.


book tote gifts that authors and writers will love


28. Author earrings

Here’s a subtle way to say, “I’m a writer.” They’re a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift.


writer earrings gifts that authors and writers will love


29. The Celebrity Black Book 2019

Does your favorite author want a celebrity endorsement for their book cover? This resource has verified mailing addresses for more than 56,000 celebrities, influencers, and public figures worldwide.


celebrity black book gifts that authors and writers will love

More gift ideas

We have many more ideas in previous gift guides. They include “27 of the best gifts EVER for authors and writers” and “Gifts for authors and writers: 25 perfect, hand-picked ideas.”

You’re certain to find just the right gifts in any of these guides.

Now it’s your turn! If you use or enjoy something that would make a great holiday gift for an author or writer, tell us about it in a comment.

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  1. Great list. But your post is missing the gift I would most appreciate: coaching sessions with YOU and other Build Book Buzz products I don’t have! Will have to write it on my list for Santa!

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