Successful authors persist

What’s the key to success for authors?


It’s that simple.

You must persist in your belief that your book is worth reading.

You must persist with your promotion and marketing. If you don’t let the people you wrote this book for know it exists, how can it entertain, educate, or enlighten them?

You must persist in your search for knowledge — knowledge of how to become a better writer, new publishing options, how to find your fans, or how to market long after the launch.

You must persist with your own reading. The best writers are often the best audiences for other writers’ work because they love to read.

What will you persist with today?

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  1. Sandy,

    This is wise and inspiring advice for every writer. Thank you. The longer I’m in this business the more convinced I am that it’s not I’m a great writer or communicator but I am persistent and when I see an opportunity, I try and seize it.As a result, doors open and I’ve been published in many places. Grateful,

    The Writing Life

    1. Great feedback as always, Terry. Thanks! I’ve also found that it pays to be open to the opportunities!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  2. This article was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today! Your writing is typically full of great little gems of information but this was a jewel of motivation. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your blog. – Ken

    1. What a nice comment, Ken. Thanks so much! And I’m glad this appeared just when you needed it. Don’t you love when that happens?


  3. Yes! Loved the article! My book “Dear Clueless: A Daughter’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s Caregiving” came out in mid-January, 2015. I have sat for hours at signings only to sell 3 books (and have one stolen). I live on LinkedIn and Facebook. I make sales calls to doctors and hospitals (one hospital keeps a stock of them they sell so fast.) In six months I have been interviewed on TV, a radio interview and recently…a huge write up in the local paper. My book is recommended to medical professors and students at Kings College in London. I’m not (yet) making a living…but the harder I work….the luckier I get!

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