Publicity begets publicity

I just finished a Connecticut Public Radio interview on gender and housework, a topic related to my first book, WHY CAN’T A MAN BE MORE LIKE A WOMAN?

Published in 1995 (!),  the book is out of print, but I still receive occasional requests for media interviews on topics related to the lighter side of gender differences. That visibility keeps my name and that topic “out there.”

The payoff

Why would I care about that if the book is out of print? First, it leads to paid speaking engagements from meeting planners looking for an expert who can bring humor to an often tense topic. Second, I’ll have a platform in place if I decide to get the book back into print.

The topic is evergreen — women continue to be confounded by male behavior. They often have trouble communicating with men at home and at work. They wonder why they can get help at the grill but not at the stove. They struggle with the chore wars. They are stunned at how a cold can cripple a man, while a woman powers through it.

What does this mean for you?

But the relevance to you, the author? Publicity begets publicity. One interview leads to another, especially now that so much can be found online. When you do one interview, it’s often found in a search by another journalist looking for a source for a story or segment on that subject.

You want to do interviews, you want them to be found in online searches, and you want your contact information to be found online so make sure it’s on your website. The payoff can be impressive.

 What are you doing today to get publicity for your book?

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  1. Getting tips from you Sandra is always a treat. I just wish I had your knowledge to do more with my books, but know reading your article will get me there.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Mike. You might want to focus on learning about just 1 or 2 tactics, and then applying what you’ve learned. Good luck!


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