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Launch your nonfiction book even higher with new book’s guidance

Ready to launch your nonfiction book? Use this new resource from the founder of the Nonfiction Authors Association as your success guide.

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When Stephanie Chandler asked if I’d like a review copy of her new book for authors, I replied “Yes!” without even reading on to see what the book was about.

I’ve known, liked, and respected Stephanie, founder of the Nonfiction Authors Association, for years. I’ve read a few of her earlier books and know her content is relevant, well-written, and loaded with specific how-tos.

I was even more interested when I learned the new book’s title is The Nonfiction Book Marketing and Launch Plan: Build Your Audience and Sell More Books.”

It’s a time-saver for you … and for me

I wondered if this might be a book I would write if I finally made the time to do it. I hoped it was, because it’s so much easier to recommend someone else’s excellent resource than it is to create your own, right?

Not surprisingly, this information-packed guide and workbook printed in an 8.5 by 11-inch format is everything I hoped it would be … and more.

(Feel free to skip the rest of the review and buy this workbook now.)

What’s “The Nonfiction Book Marketing and Launch Plan” about?

Part training manual, part workbook, this 243-page resource instructs you to:

  • Acknowledge and accept the authority you gain from authoring a nonfiction book.
  • Own that authority.
  • Leverage that authority in ways that help sell books.

Stephanie uses the word “influencer” rather than “authority” or “expert.” I prefer “authority.” I encourage you to read Chapter 1, “Become an Influencer in Your Field” with the word “authority” in mind instead.

Why? Because in today’s lexicon, “influencer” and “influencer marketing” don’t necessarily have anything to do with knowledge or expertise.

When people hear “influencer,” they think of TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube stars. You can be a social media influencer simply because of your personal style, celebrity parent, or physique.

But if you’ve written a book on a subject, you’re an authority. A subject matter expert. You know what you’re talking about.

The Nonfiction Book Marketing and Launch Plan” does a masterful job of showing how to make the most of your position of authority to promote your book.

The Nonfiction Book Marketing and Launch Plan” does a masterful job of showing how to make the most of your position of authority to promote your book.

Use these features to launch your nonfiction book

Stephanie combines three features to educate and prompt action:

  • Instructional content
  • Exercises with accompanying worksheets
  • Checklists

You can write on the worksheets in the print book, but if you’d rather not – or if you’ve purchased the e-book – use the downloadable worksheets and checklists available at a URL provided in the book (email address required).

The instructional content addresses most tactics you’ll need to make your nonfiction book a success, from creating an effective website to pursuing podcast interviews and from public speaking to snagging publicity.

The chapter on author and book websites is outstanding. You might buy the book just for that information if you haven’t created your website yet or are looking to improve an existing site.

Blurbers and beta readers

I love the attention Stephanie gives to securing pre-publication blurbs – endorsements and testimonials – that validate and praise your content. Too many authors skip this step.

She focuses on securing them from other authors. I encourage you to look to other people who influence your target audience, too. I’ve had success with that approach for my books.

I wish the book offered more of a distinction between beta readers and launch team members, too. Beta readers provide early feedback on content. Launch team (also known as street team) members help promote the book when it’s published.

Some beta readers might join the launch team, but you’ll want to recruit non-beta readers to your launch or street team, too.

Buy this book, but don’t let it overwhelm you

You need this book. Get it here.

launch your nonfiction book resource

But … keep in mind that any time you find a resource as comprehensive as this one, you risk overwhelm. (The table of contents alone is seven pages.)

So, take your time with it.

You might already know some of what’s in there. Skip those sections. Jump to what’s new to you.

As you learn and complete the exercises, remember that you’re an authority. You’re an expert. You know more than the average person about your book’s topic.

Let “I’m an authority on this subject” be your mindset as you select the tactics you’ll incorporate into your book marketing plan.

And be sure to download my free Book Marketing Plan Template. It will let you take all you’ve learned from “The Nonfiction Book Marketing and Launch Plan” and drop it into a simple, easy to follow template. Use it as your blueprint as you move forward.

When you want to learn how to do something, do you prefer to learn from a book or a course? Please tell us in a comment.

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    1. It’s a fantastic resource, Stephanie. Thanks so much for creating it and pricing it so affordably. It’s going to make a big difference for so many!


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