Have fun in February with book promotion

Unexpected, peculiar, and just plain fun February holidays will let you spice up your book promotion next month.

When you combine the right holiday with a message, theme, character, or setting in your book, you can get ideas for an engaging blog post, a lively online discussion, or ways to get media attention.

Try using this strategy every month to keep people talking about your book long after the launch.

Ideas you can use

To get things started, here are a few examples of books that can take advantage of these fun February opportunities:

Festive and Fun February occasions

Use this short list of fun February holidays to inspire you. See all of them on the Holiday Insights site.

  • February 2 Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
  • February 3 Feed the Birds Day
  • February 4 Thank a Mailman Day
  • February 5 National Weatherman’s Day
  • February 6 National Chopsticks Day
  • February 7 Send a Card to a Friend
  • February 9 Toothache Day
  • February 10 Umbrella Day
  • February 11 Clean out Your Computer Day
  • February 11 Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day
  • February 11 Make a Friend Day
  • February 11 National Inventors Day
  • February 14 Ferris Wheel Day
  • February 14 National Organ Donor Day
  • February 15 Singles Awareness Day
  • February 15 Susan B Anthony Day
  • February 16 Do a Grouch a Favor Day
  • February 20 Hoodie Hoo Day
  • February 20 Love Your Pet Day
  • February 22 Be Humble Day
  • February 22 Walking the Dog Day
  • February 26 Tell a Fairy Tale Day

You can also look ahead to March and April so you’re well-prepared for the next few months.

Which of these holidays can you link your book to? How will you use it for book promotion?

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  1. February 23 is National Homeschool Day — a great day to promote to the over 3 million homeschool families out there. Anything classroom/curriculum-based, parenting helps, arts and crafts-related, field trips, and college-bound helps is useful.

    Homeschool families are also interested in materials for how to live on a tight budget, country living (hobby farms), natural health alternatives, and other do-it-yourself resources. It is a wide-open field for nonfiction experts.

    Thanks for your wonderful posts, Sandra!

    1. National Make a Friend Day will be a perfect time to promote my grandson’s book, Blake the Snake. He wrote this when he was 7-7ears-old (with a little help from Grandmomma). He had an Autism diagnosis shortly before he came in with his story about a little snake trying hard to make a new friend.
      Thanks for the suggestion, Sandi!

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