1. There’s always something more to do, right, Vicki? I’m glad you like it, even though it gives you something else to think about!

      : )


  1. Sandy, anther gem. I’ve been giving my author cards and flyers away for the last 2 years. In return I get email addresses. Since my book should be published in October, I’m preparing a mailing list. 1st chapter for all. Excerpts depending on the reader. I don’t think mailers should be sent too far ahead of the book’s publication. I think of my potential readers like the rings of a target. Each will receive selected excerpts. I’ll let you know how this will work out.

    1. Thanks, Jim. Please keep us posted! Do you have an opt-in email form on your website, too?


  2. For some reason, I’ve just heard about lead magnet. I knew about giving away a chapter of a short story on my blog, I’ve just never implemented it. I’m still fearful of the whole promotional thingy as a shy writer. So I purchased your 365 Daily Book Marketing tips. I hope to find something that resonates with me and my lack of ideas and my shyness.

    Hope you can help.

    1. Carol, I suspect that most authors don’t know about lead magnets, so you’re certainly not alone.

      I promise you that you’ll find something in your 365 Daily Book Marketing Tips that will resonate with and inspire you! You can be shy, quiet, or introverted and still be successful promoting your book.


  3. Hi Sandra,
    This post is really helpful-thank! I’ve known about lead magnets for a while but am not yet a published author (MS in early stages). Do you have any tips for lead magnets for those of us not yet published but who do have a website? Would I find any in your 365 Daily Book Marketing Tips? I’m currently writing children’s fiction–MG/YA and NF children’s articles.
    Thanks for any help,
    Maureen C.

    1. I’m so glad it’s helpful, Maureen, and that’s a good question!

      Here are just a few thoughts:
      — A short story that serves as a writing sample
      — A MG/YA reader’s guide to finding books they will like (for example, “If you like author A, you might like books by authors B, C, and D” or “If you’re this kind of person, you might like these authors, if you’re that kind of person, you might like those authors,” etc.)
      — A parents guide to helping children select age-appropriate fiction (what should they look for in book descriptions — decode things for them)

      I hope this gets you thinking!


  4. I’m offering a free short story (6,500 words) which is actually an expanded version of a chapter that didn’t make the cut in my final edits. I added a hint of the supernatural that definitely wouldn’t have sat comfortably with the book.
    I published it to my website as a post, so they have to visit my site to read it. I’m hoping this will improve my domain’s SEO.

    1. I hope it does what you want it to. Have you thought about using it as a lead magnet to build a list instead?


  5. What of this idea, in my situation in which less than a third gave topical preferences when they signed up (photo humor, in-print humor, fiction, financial wisdom, spiritual, etc)? In other words, I have a very mixed & poorly tagged audience of 1,855, so:

    Monthly newsletter has lead magnet always has an attachment or links to one or more freebies, but it’s random as to topic to keep folks guessing. Items type:

    A short story
    A dramatic excerpt in the newsletter that can go to the completed tale free
    Photo humor
    a few of my own “Dad jokes”
    expert financial advice blog post link

    From your or others’ experience, please opine. Does not having everyone tagged by interest area restrict the open and click-through rates OR does the fact that it’s always a surprise enhance newsletter success metrics?

    1. I’m not sure I understand your goal here, Dan. A “lead magnet” is a digital download you offer as an enticement to sign up for your newsletter. I think you might be talking about something different.


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