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What would you pay for a year’s worth of book marketing tips?


And what if the tips were for all of those topics that are so important to your book’s sales success?

  • Killing it on Kindle
  • Getting reviews
  • Using social media effectively
  • Creating websites that work
  • Email marketing
  • Planning virtual book tours
  • Creating raving fans
  • Maximizing book launches
  • Optimizing your Amazon page
  • Scoring mainstream media attention
  • And more!

What kind of an impact would that information have on your book’s sales? Hundreds of dollars? Thousands of dollars? The sky’s the limit, really.

So, what would 365 book marketing tips on every topic that’s important to your book’s success be worth to you?

It’s hard to put a price on the impact this kind of information would have on your book’s success, isn’t it?

Would you pay $500 for it? Or $100? Or even $50?

How about $1?

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Now you can get 365 book marketing tips – one per day – delivered to your inbox for just $1 total.

Introducing: “365 Daily Book Marketing Tips”

365 Daily Book Marketing Tips

Every day, a short and to-the-point tip from one of the many book marketing categories covered in this amazing resource will arrive in your inbox. Always actionable, each pithy tip will give you something specific you can do every day to support your book.

What’s more, almost half of the tips include links to more information online so you get even more valuable instruction!

Here’s what you get in “365 Daily Book Marketing Tips” for your investment of just a dollar:

  • One book marketing tip delivered via email every day for 365 consecutive days (many with links to more detailed information online!) starting immediately.
  • Tested, proven, book marketing advice in 15 topic categories, from Amazon sales to reviews to social media to speaking.
  • Access to years and years of book marketing experience – in your inbox every day.

Each tip is no more than two sentences – just the quick nudge you need to act on something specific that day (or to remind you that you need to do something every day to promote your book).

Here are just a few examples of what you’ll get in your email every day for a year. These are actual tips from the daily series:

  1. Re-evaluate the categories your book is listed in on Amazon periodically because they change. You might need or want to change one of yours. https://kdp.amazon.com/help?topicId=A200PDGPEIQX41
  2. When sharing a link to your blog posts, use the specific post link, not a generic blog page link. You want domainname.com/blog-post-title, not domainname.com/blog.
  3. Want a book club to read your book? Get it into libraries. Many club members are borrowers, so library borrowing is often a prerequisite for a club selection.
  4. Enter your book in competitions because an award is impressive, but be careful about which ones you enter so you don’t get ripped off. Christopher Fielden offers a list. http://bit.ly/1L59ykU
  5. When you are offering your book for free or for a sale price, check out the list of 100 websites that will let you list and promote your book. http://bit.ly/1LVh5VI

Who says this stuff works?


I’m Sandra Beckwith of BuildBookBuzz.com.

Before I started teaching authors how to publicize, promote, and market their books, I was a national award-winning publicist with a reputation for knowing how to find just the right angle for any client or product’s media success.

I was my own best client, too. You might have even seen me talking about the topic of my first book on “The Montel Williams Show,” “CBS This Morning,” or “Home & Family.” Maybe you read one of my interviews about it in Woman’s WorldThe New York Times, or USA Today.

Today, whether I’m helping authors figure out social media, email marketing, or traditional media publicity, I know what does and doesn’t work. That’s what I’ve brought to this daily book marketing tip program.

But wait! There’s more!


If you want all of the tips now, in one document, even sorted by category so you can take action when you’re ready, rather than one day at a time . . .

There’s an option for you!

For just $9, purchase the “365 Daily Book Marketing Tips Collection” in a PDF file that you can download, print, and begin using immediately. No waiting 365 days until you’ve received all of them in your inbox!

The “365 Daily Book Marketing Tips Collection” gives you:

  • All 365 tips listed in daily order
  • Those tips listed again by category
  • The same access to years of book marketing wisdom that’s in the daily email message, but all in one file you can download today, with no wait
  • PLUS 10 bonus tips not available in the daily email series

What are you waiting for?

Just sell one e-book with what you’ve learned from your daily book marketing email tips and you will have earned back the $1 you spent for this information-packed series.

Act Now!

You have three simple, affordable, no-brainer options that will impact your book marketing success:

  • $1 for the daily book marketing tips delivered by email every day for 365 days starting immediately
  • $9 for the PDF download with all 365 daily tips, all of the tips listed again by category, and 10 bonus tips — downloadable immediately
  • $10 for both the daily reminders (you know you need them!) and the instant PDF download (most popular option)

Here’s What Authors Are Saying About “365 Daily Book Marketing Tips”

“This is a terrific resource, filled with great advice, and I’ve been recommending it to lots of authors–and using it myself!”
– Kate White, author, The Wrong Man and other mysteries

“I’m really enjoying these daily tips. Some of them are good reminders. Others I had never thought of before.”

– Patrick Day, author, Murders and Genealogy in Hennepin County

“Your daily tips are true gems. I like that they are very concise, but each one inspires lots of creative thought on how to accomplish the task.”
– Glenna Collett, coauthor, Book Design Made Simple

“I am a hybrid author and am always looking for ways to market my books. I have learned something from almost all of Sandra’s ‘Daily Book Marketing Tips.’ For example, I have used some of her advice to make my Pinterest boards more effective. I highly recommend her work and you really can’t beat the price – $1 for a whole year of practical tips.”
– Monica Bhide, author, The Devil in Us

“I’m loving your 365 Daily Book Marketing Tips. Thanks for the great advice! Such a fantastic value!”

– Kayleen Reusser, author, World War II Legacies: Stories of Northeast Indiana Veterans

“These little tips may only be one or two lines, but they pack a lot of wisdom for book marketing into them. In fact, they may go beyond wisdom, because they are so immediately usable! I cannot tell you how many of those little tips just came at the right moment while I was developing my book marketing plan, launch, and virtual tour.”

– Connie Dunn, author, Grandma Honey, I turned into a Mermaid!

I’m thrilled with my subscription to 365 Daily Book Marketing Tips! The tips are concise, and the ones that can benefit from more explanation are linked to an article. I can only hope that Sandra will give us at least one more year of tips because the publishing world is I was changing quickly, and we need guidance to keep up with it.”

– Gina Briganti, author of the Natural Gifts series

Questions? Send an email to Sandra Beckwith .