How to Get Paid to Speak


How many times have you watched a highly paid speaker at a conference, sales meeting, or fundraising event and thought, “I can do that!”

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Do you wonder why that author is traveling the country – even the world – speaking about her book topic while you’ve only spoken to local groups? Are you sure that people want to hear you talk about your topic, but don’t quite know how to find the opportunities and get hired? Have colleagues encouraged you to get out there and speak about your topic? Have you wondered if you could make more money by pursuing paid speaking engagements?

Whether your goal is to leverage your author status to be paid – and paid well – to speak on a regular basis or to secure high-profile conference speaking gigs that let you sell books to a very targeted audience, you’ll learn what you need to know during From Author to Speaker: How to Get Paid to Speak. This Build Book Buzz audio program features speaking industry expert Mary McKay, who shares insider information from her 29 years of experience booking more than 2,200 paid speaking engagements.

“Thanks so much for the excellent teleseminar the other night – it was just what I’ve been looking for.”
Deb Kalmbach

“The seminar was great!”
Ruth Zekowski

“Mary McKay is to be congratulated on the thoroughness of her presentation. She was most open about the points she made without leaving out important areas that could only be obtained by selling/buying a product.”
Regina Thomas

Mary guides us through the process involved in uncovering and securing paid speaking engagements. She knows what works – and what doesn’t – and shares her secrets and experience with us in this fascinating audio program that is so comprehensive, we had to package it in two audio files.

In this information-packed presentation, you will discover:

  • 8 reasons authors should be public speakers
  • The most important marketing tactics and what meeting planners will know about you if you don’t use them
  • Speakers’ bureau secrets
  • 10 steps you must take to generate paid speaking gigs
  • How implementing just one step can double or triple your speaking income
  • Why most beginning speakers fail and how to avoid their mistakes
  • Why authors have an advantage over other speakers

If there’s a speaker inside you, you’ll want to listen to this valuable program!

Buy now and you’ll get two audio recordings for the price of one! We covered a lot in the first 75-minute recording, but felt we needed more time to get as specific as we wanted to be. So…we recorded a second conversation, just for you! You get more than 2.5 hours of recorded information – two audio files! – for the price of the original 75-minute program!

You’ll also get this bonus handout: Mary McKay’s list of tips for securing more paid speaking engagements so you make more money and waste less time.

If you want to get paid to speak, don’t miss this program!

The cost for 2.5 hours of information from a speaking industry insider and the bonus handout is just $29.

About our guest expert, Mary McKay:

Since 1982, speaker marketing specialist Mary McKay has booked more than 2,200 paid speaking engagements for experts who speak, including authors, business leaders, top producers, and cultural heroes. She began booking Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, before partnering with his family to become president of their speakers’ bureau. After founding her own bureau, she went on to book a wide range of speakers and industry specific trainers including luminaries such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, Capt. Gerald Coffee, Mike Ferry, Tom Sullivan, and Jack Canfield. She now coaches emerging and under-booked professional speakers in how to secure their own paid speaking engagements.