How to Get Honest Book Reviews in 3 Easy Steps


Authors, what if you could get all the book reviews you want and need without pestering your friends and family?

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pile of booksWouldn’t it make your life — and theirs — easier if you could get review after review after review without continually going back to the people you’re closest to and asking for that all-important favor?

How happy would you be to know how to get honest, quality reviews from book lovers all over the globe?

What if you could learn enough to create your own system for getting reviews that let your friends, family, and neighbors off the hook?

Introducing . . .

“How to Get Honest Book Reviews

in 3 Easy Steps”

A Build Book Buzz Audio Program

Nearly everyone in the book publishing world will tell you that you need book reviews to be successful. 

But not everyone knows where to find reviewers.

Or how to approach them.

Or even what to expect from them.

And . . . what if the reviews are bad? What do you do then?

Reviews aren’t optional, though. In today’s online book-buying marketplace, you’ll go nowhere fast without them. In fact, 90 percent of those surveyed in 2013 said that positive online reviews influenced their buying decisions.

Here are just a few of the many reasons you need book reviews:

  • Reviews influence readers trying to decide if they should buy your book.
  • Reviews impact where your book shows up in Amazon search results.
  • Certain advertising opportunities are available only to authors of books with a minimum number of reader reviews on or

And that’s just for starters.

If you don’t have a plan for generating reviews from readers, book review sites, and certain news media outlets, you’d better create one now.

The good news is . . . I can help you.

“How to Get Honest Book Reviews in 3 Easy Steps” is an audio program that will teach you the three essential steps you need to follow to generate book reviews both before and after your book’s launch.

During this one-hour jam-packed training session, you will learn:

  • The 3 simple steps anyone can follow to get reviews
  • 2 important reasons why you should snag reviews before your book launch
  • The 2 types of reviews and why you need to know the difference
  • Surprising and effective ways to get reader reviews
  • How to decide if you should pay for a review
  • Why negative reviews aren’t bad, and what to do about them
  • How to get reviews from traditional media outlets (and which ones to ignore)
  • The 1 word you should never use when seeking reviews
  • 2 overlooked but influential review sources that could be game changers for your book
  • Cutting edge methods that successful authors are using today

If you want to make sure you know how and where to get influential book reviews, buy this program now! 

In addition to the one-hour audio recording, you’ll also receive a valuable eight-page bonus resource handout loaded with:

  • Reader review sites
  • Links to online sites that will happily review your book
  • Media outlets that review books
  • Links to valuable resources

The price for this information-packed audio training program and bonus handout sponsored by is just $19!

About your instructor, Sandra Beckwith:

Sandra BeckwithBefore book promotion expert Sandra Beckwith began teaching authors how to save thousands of dollars by doing their own book publicity and promotion, she was a national award-winning publicist. She is the publisher of the popular free e-newsletter, Build Book Buzz, writes the Build Book Buzz blog, and is the author of five books, including four on publicity topics.

Here’s what people have said about “How to Get Honest Book Reviews in 3 Easy Steps”

“Thanks so much! I have already taken your advice and have received 18 reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.”
Pam Bonsper

“Thank you so much for an amazing seminar. Not a second seemed boring or unimportant. Your expertise is truly unmatched.”
Julia Butler

“This was great!“ 
Kate Walter

The information you’ll receive — and the impact it could have on your book’s success — is worth far more than the $19 training fee, so invest in your book’s success now!