Dear Friend:

This is a highly-ranked Web site with products that sell. I’d like you to share in the sales success and will reward you for your support.

Here’s the deal: If you tell others about my products and they make a purchase, I’ll pay you a 50% commission on every sale you refer through the Build Book Buzz Affiliate Program (except my workshops; the referral fee on those is lower because they are so time-intensive for me).

Affiliate programs help us reach more customers with our products. You sign-up to help sell my products to your customers, and I pay you a hefty commission for your efforts. You don’t have to create products or even write the marketing materials – I provide what you need to convince your customers that my products are a good fit for their needs. It’s a win-win proposition for both you and me – you make money when you introduce your customers to another quality product they want and need, and I get a sale, too. It costs you nothing to become an affiliate – NOTHING! – so you have nothing to lose!

What Do You Receive as an Affiliate?

My program, like the information I offer in my free Build Book Buzz e-zine, is generous. Here’s what I offer:

  • 50% commission on every sale referred by you (except the workshops)
  • No limits on how much you can earn
  • Payment every 60 days
  • Accurate sales tracking – I’ll even send you an e-mail every time you make a sale

What Will You Be Promoting?

See my growing list of training programs for more information.

What Can You Do to Promote Products?

These products do well when promoted:

  • In your e-zine or newsletter
  • To your membership
  • On your blog
  • On your Web site
  • In your blog or Web site links section
  • In your social networking activities
  • At in-person networking events

Who Can Become an Affiliate?

Anyone can become a Build Book Buzz Affiliate, but there are a few rules:

  • You can only use ethical marketing methods; ethical in this case means opt-in marketing. I reserve the right to dismiss anyone who promotes my products through unsolicited e-mail marketing.
  • Your marketing material or sites promoting Build Book Buzz products can’t contain offensive content.
  • You can’t use your own affiliate links to purchase these products.

I know these terms won’t be hard for you to honor. This means you can sign up to become an affiliate today!

How Are You Paid?

I will mail you a check every 60 days when you have at least $50 in your account. You can log-in to your account at any time to check your orders, earnings, and so on. Naturally, the more you do to promote my products, the more you’ll earn.

Sign Up to Become an Affiliate Now!

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I’m looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship!


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