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Boost book sales by getting publicity in city business magazines. Here’s everything you need to generate priceless media exposure for your book in a whopping 92 influential city business journals and 19 bonus state business publications!

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Dear Author:

Build Book Buzz City Business Journal DirectoryDoes your book appeal to people interested in business topics? Do you want to:

  • Sell more books?
  • Become known as a business “guru?”
  • Get the kind of visibility that leads to high-paying speaking opportunities?
  • Connect with the business community?

If any of these possibilities excite you, then you’ll be interested in the Build Book Buzz City Business Journal Directory! It’s your shortcut to publicity success with these specialized regional business publications.

Because most city business magazines publish every week, they need a steady stream of newsworthy, interesting, and relevant information. And yet, most authors overlook these regional business publications when planning their publicity campaigns. That means these popular local magazines reaching millions of business readers are a gold mine for authors who can provide relevant and appropriate news and information. But it also means that authors need to know who to send that information to – and what to send!

Get detailed contact information for 92 city business journal editors and 19 bonus state business publications from Anchorage to Atlanta!

There are three keys to success with book publicity:

  1. Knowing who to contact.
  2. Knowing what they want to receive.
  3. Giving them what they want and need.

This directory helps you do all of that. In addition to receiving the name, e-mail address, and phone number for the editor of nearly every city business journal in the country, you’ll also get valuable advice from a national-award-winning publicity pro on how to connect with these editors to get the most publicity possible.

With this directory, you will:

  • Learn exactly who to contact at 92 city and 19 state business publications in all major markets coast-to-coast.
  • Discover what content city business journal editors want to receive from authors.
  • Understand which media relations tools to use and how to use them.
  • Get specific, actionable insider secrets from a PR pro (who is also an author).

What kind of publicity can you expect to enjoy when you use this media list and the advice that comes with it? Here are the typical publicity opportunities available in city business journals:

  • News announcement about your book’s availability for purchase
  • Book reviews
  • News items containing tips or advice from you
  • By-lined columns offering your advice on topics covered in your book
  • Opinion pieces – “op-eds” – written by you
  • Feature articles that include interviews with you

How do I know this directory is useful?

Sandra BeckwithI’m Sandra Beckwith, a recovering publicist who has won several national and regional awards for publicity excellence. I’ve written two traditionally published publicity books – one for small businesses and another for nonprofits – and created a book publicity workbook for authors.

I also teach a book publicity and promotion e-course for authors – “Book Marketing 101: How to Build Book Buzz” – that gets rave reviews. I know what editors look for and how they want to receive it, so I know this directory and the insider tips I provide will help you get more media exposure.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • An Excel file with:
    • Names of 111 publications and the markets they serve
    • Editor names, telephone numbers, and specific – not generic – e-mail addresses (you won’t find these e-mail addresses on their Web sites, so don’t even bother to look)
    • Magazine website URLs
  • Bonus content with expert tips and advice that will absolutely increase your success rate.

And you get all this for just $19 today.

That’s right. Just $19 today. Sell just one book as a result of publicity generated by this resource and you will have covered the cost of the media list and the tips on how to use it. You can’t afford to pass this up!

You can’t lose with my 100% money back guarantee!

If you’re disappointed with the quality of this media list, I’ll refund your purchase price immediately, no questions asked.
1 Year 100% Full Money Back Guarantee!

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To order the Build Book Buzz City Business Journal Directory for immediate downloading to your computer for just $19.

Start making exciting things happen for your book! It deserves the attention you can give it when you start contacting city business journals!

Wishing you success,

Sandra Beckwith
P.S. – This is an incredible value! If you don’t believe me, get a cost estimate from a press release distribution service to send information to all U.S. city business journals (if they’ll even do that for you). You’ll be stunned by the price in comparison (we’re talking a few hundred dollars!) — and you won’t get bonus how-to advice or an audio file on how to get book publicity, either!