Amazon sells almost 75 percent of the e-books  purchased in the U.S. Are you getting your share of that?


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Are you selling as many books as you want to on Amazon?

Do you feel like you aren’t getting your share of the Kindle action?

Would selling more books on Amazon give you more financial freedom through royalty checks, speaking fees, or consulting gigs?

Let’s face it. Like it or not, when it comes to books, Amazon is king. In fact, Amazon sells more than 60 percent of the books in the U.S. Are you getting your share of that?

If you want to discover free and easy ways to sell more books on Amazon, purchase this information-packed video training every author needs:


 “How to Sell More Books on Amazon” 

A Build Book Buzz video training program

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During this 75-minute video program, Amazon book sales expert Shelley Hitz of shows you free things you can do to optimize your Amazon account to boost your ranking and your book sales.

During “How to Sell More Books on Amazon,” you will learn:

  • How to discover and use just the right keywords to boost your ranking
  • Why you need to select the right category and how to do it
  • The two strategies you can implement today that will have the biggest impact on your Amazon sales
  • A simple, but underutilized technique for getting more exposure on Amazon.
  • How to get Amazon to advertise your book for free
  • Why you might need to change your book’s title if you want people to buy it
  • Author Central profile secrets
  • Easy ways to get the reader reviews you need
  • Pricing strategies with impact

Think it won’t work? Within just a few days of implementing some of these tricks, one of Shelley’s books hit #1 on the Kindle bestseller list for its category! She takes you through the process she used and teaches you free and easy strategies for getting more exposure and sales.

The price for this must-have 75-minute video and bonus 69-page e-book, Marketing Your Book on Amazon, is just $19!

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 About your instructor, Shelley Hitz:

Shelley HitzShelley Hitz has coached thousands of authors through her books, training programs, online events, seminars, and more. Her clients are successfully publishing new books almost every day and some have become #1 Amazon best-selling authors within days of publishing their books simply by following her proven system.


Here’s what people have said about “How to Sell More Books on Amazon”

“The video is terrific!”
Laura Belgrave, author, In the Spirit of Murder

“Terrific training. Very informative.
Monica Bhide, author, A Life of Spice

“So worthwhile — thank you!” 
Cathy Knipper, publicist, Pauline Books & Media 

 The information you’ll receive — and the impact it could have on your book’s success — is worth far more than the $19 training fee, so invest in your book’s success now! 

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