How to use PRWeb for press release distribution

What’s the best press release distribution service to use for your book-related press releases and tip sheets?

Using the many free services won’t hurt, but, as you might imagine, you get what you pay for. With most of them, your press release just sits on the site, waiting to be discovered. (Get a list of free services and a performance review at this link.)

This is why I prefer to work with a reputable service that charges a fee. I’ve researched many of them, but keep coming back to PRWeb because I get good results from it – and so do others I’ve spoken to. Because I recommend the service so often, I became a PRWeb affiliate.  In fact . . .

Get a 10 percent discount

. . . when you visit the site with this link, you can get a 10 percent discount on your first order. (Woot!) You won’t get that without clicking on my link, so take advantage of the opportunity to save a little money.

Here’s some essential information that I think will help you understand what you’re buying with each of the four packages the company offers. The site can be a little overwhelming, so I called the company to get clarification on certain details related to what you get with each option. I was familiar with the service but I still had a lot of questions, so I think this will help.

Basic package

To get started, register for an account on the home page (there’s no charge until you purchase a package.) After you register, go to “pricing” from the top toolbar and select “compare packages” from the left toolbar.

With the least expensive “Basic” package at $89, your release goes out to the news arms of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as a long list of general interest and specialized websites. (To see the list, from the home page select “how it works” then “our distribution network” on the left toolbar. Select “web distribution.”) This list is included in all four packages.

It also goes to journalists and bloggers who have opted in to receive press releases via RSS feed in specific industry categories. As noted in the chart, you can select five industry and two regional feeds. (“Opted in” means they’ve signed up with the service to receive these feeds.)

But it doesn’t let you send to daily newspapers and specific media lists by category. To see those lists and categories:

  • From the home page select “how it works”
  • Then “our distribution network” on the left toolbar
  • The “media digests” on that page are the same thing as “media list” on the comparison chart
  • Click on each digest title to get a complete list of outlets for that digest/list.

Without this “media list” option, you are only sending to journalists who opt in. Believe me, there are many, many more out there who will be interested in your news. To reach them, you have to select a more expensive package. Keep reading.

Standard package

The next category, Standard, allows you to send to “media subscribers,” but again, these are only media people who have opted in to receive news releases. Understand that there are many, many journalists who don’t opt in to these services because it generates too much e-mail. Standard, at $159, does let you select one media list, which means your release will be sent to journalists who have not opted in. One media list – category of contacts – might be enough for many of you.

This package also offers better exposure to bloggers than the Basic package.

Advanced package

Advanced, the most popular option, gives you more industry and news feed subscribers while adding distribution to “premium web sites.” (These include, StreetInsider, International Business Times, and others; I’m trying to get a complete list from the company. When I do, I’ll share more information here.)

This $199 package also lets you embed images that have been coded for search engine optimization and include links to other content on your website or elsewhere.

If you want to send to daily newspapers, you can use the Advanced package and buy extra media lists – meaning, the regional media lists – for $50 each. So that’s $199 for one region plus $150 for the three extra regional lists you’d purchase for a total of $349. That’s just $20 below the Premium package, so instead of doing that, to get all of the daily newspapers, buy the Premium package. That will get you more local media outlets, too.

Premium package

Not surprisingly, the $369 Premium package is the most comprehensive. It’s your best choice if you’re sending press releases to a wide, general interest media list that includes daily newspapers. It’s not the best choice if you only want to send to automotive trade journals, but it is the best fit when you want to reach, for example, the business pages of daily newspapers and local business journals. (If all you’re interested in is city business journals and magazines, see my comprehensive list and detailed instructions for pitching these outlets at this link.)

A few random points:

  • All of the packages offer a Google Adwords credit of $50 or $75 to first-time Adwords customers.
  • You can add any extra media list to any package for $50.
  • Get a volume discount if you commit to sending at least two press releases a month. (See “additional services” at the bottom of each detailed package description.)
  • Find daily newspapers by region in the regional “media digests” or in the Associated Press Distribution option. Each region counts as one media list in a package.

It’s a little complicated – I hope this clarifies things for you and helps you figure out which package is the best fit for your target audience and your goals. Take the time to compare PRWeb with other services – Cision, for example, is similar to PRWeb and could be a good fit for you. Some other services, though, have limited distribution lists so make sure the service you select will get your information to the right media outlets.

Check out PRWeb and get a 10% discount (it’s the equivalent of a PRWeb coupon code) on your first order.

What’s your favorite press release distribution service, and why?

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