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Is it time to announce the death of the press release?


Seriously: Is it time to announce the death of the press release?


In spite of what you might read elsewhere, the press release is still alive.

Very alive.

I read an article last week about how one company has ditched the press release in favor of announcing news on its blog.

In reality, it hasn’t stopped using press releases as the article states. Instead, it has stopped paying press release distribution services to distribute its news to a long list of media outlets that might or might not be interested in its news.

Twitter basics for authors

Judging by the e-mail I receive, there are a lot of authors who want to start using Twitter but don’t quite know how to get started.

So . . . if you’re up and running on Twitter, move along, move along. There’s nothing for you to see here.

If you could benefit from a short course on Twitter basics, keep reading.

Resources for getting started

I’m posting this article as a resource that I can send people to in the future, as I get requests for information and help.  (And please, if you know someone who’s struggling with the Twitter set-up process, send them the link to this article.)

Did you quote someone in your book? Use them to get local publicity

Christie Brinkley in BV adBlack Velvet Canadian Whisky originally built its brand in the U.S. around billboard and magazine advertising featuring “the Black Velvet lady,” a stunning, but approachable, blonde lounging in a black velvet dress.

The iconic campaign was a launchpad for many of America’s first generation of super models, including Christie Brinkley, Cybill Shepherd, Cheryl Tiegs, and Kim Alexis.

When hired by the brand’s importer to build excitement around the advertising, I worked with the brand team to create “The Black Velvet Model Search,” a nationwide grassroots search for the next Black Velvet lady. The contest had two elements — live competitions in key markets across the country and a mail-in option available through entry forms in liquor stores.

5 steps for book marketing success

frustrated woman on telephoneAn author asked me this week, “Why is the marketing so much harder than writing the book?”

You know the answer to that, right? There’s a good chance you feel the same way she does.

If you’re like most authors, you’d much rather be doing just about anything other than trying to figure out how to market your book. While book marketing comes easily and intuitively for some, it’s a struggle for many because they don’t have experience marketing anything — let alone a book.

Building your author e-mail list

mailboxesI feel sorry for the author who commented on a blog post here not too long ago that e-mail marketing was dead now that authors could promote their books with social media.

She couldn’t be more wrong. An author e-mail list is essential.

Smart authors are relying less and less on social media and more on building and using e-mail lists to reach the people most interested in what they write. They have realized that we can’t possibly see and read all of the tweets and status updates in our networks, but we see what comes into our inboxes.

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