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Who reads e-books and how they find them

a href=””>e-readerI reviewed an excellent book on social media marketing, The Science of Marketing: When to Tweet, What to Post, How to Blog, and Other Proven Strategies, on this blog a few months ago.

In the first chapter, author Dan Zarrella, a social media strategist at, summarizes his research regarding consumer e-book preferences. He surveyed more than 1,000 American adults who own a computer or e-reader and have a job paying $70,000 or more a year.

I’m sharing just a few gems from that research here. I think it’s useful to authors even if the people surveyed don’t exactly fit your reader demographics. I recommend buying the book so you can get even more information on e-book readers, but also so that you can read Zarrella’s interpretation of the data.

How to create shareable images with quotes

InstaQuoteResearch shows that people like to share images with quotes that they see in their Facebook news feeds, particularly quotes that are funny or inspirational.

That means they’re a good tool for generating engagement on your page or profile.

They’ll do the same for you on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, too. I like to use them as jumping off points for short blog posts (see this example, “What is an author platform?“). They let me make my point quickly, but effectively, on the blog.

You can even quote snippets from your book and use your book title for attribution.

There are a number of tools you can use to create these fun and attention-getting images. I’ve got four of them here along with what I like and don’t like about each of them. The first one is my favorite; the last is my least favorite.

3 things you can do today to get amazing blurbs tomorrow

3_things_you_can_do_today_to_get_amazing_blurbs_tomorrowWhat’s worse than not making the effort to get glowing blurbs for your book before it’s published?

Not planning ahead to make sure that you get them from the most impressive and influential people possible.

While you can completely “cold call” the rock stars of your genre or industry and get cover blurbs that will make your mother proud, you’ll have a greater success rate – and work half as hard at it – if you take a few steps in advance.

Cool tool: HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Young Woman Sitting Looking at Laptop ScreenFor many who blog, coming up with topics to write about is often the hardest when you’re first starting out. It takes a while to know what people respond it — and to then fall into an idea-generating rhythm.

Later, when you’ve been blogging for a couple of years, you might be stumped again, wondering if you’ve covered everything relevant already.

If you’ve spent more time than you’d like wondering what to write about recently, you will welcome the Blog Topic Generator tool from HubSpot.

How to promote your book with tip sheets

IBPA IndependentWhen Irish children’s author Avril O’Reilly sent a tip sheet to media outlets throughout the country, she had immediate success that included newspaper and television interviews for her book, Kathleen and the Communion Copter.

Avril learned how to create and distribute a tip sheet, a type of press release that offers tips or advice, in my Book Marketing 101: How to Build Book Buzz for Fiction Premium E-course.

Using the prescribed format for this powerful publicity tool, Avril offered parents  advice for selecting just the right Communion gift for little girls. She made that bridge between fiction — her book — and nonfiction — the advice she could offer as a result of her book’s research — to create a tip sheet that offered the media useful information they could use immediately.

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