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Tools for novelists: Here are 5 of the best

novelist tools

Mark Twain said, “Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”

Because that’s harder than it sounds, you need all the help you can get writing that next great novel.

Technology gives you advantages that Twain never had. But what are the best tools for novelists? Here are five every fiction author should be using — which one can you incorporate into your process today?

What to include in your book description

book description

For many authors, writing the book description is harder than writing the book.

Your book’s description must be pithy, compelling, engaging, and accurate. It must draw readers in; it must say to them, “You will love this book.”

7 ways to promote your book while watching TV

Senior women watching television on sofa, in living roomI like to watch television in the evening to unwind, but I find it almost impossible to just watch TV. I have to be doing something else at the same time — flipping through a magazine, knitting, or promoting my books.

Promoting my books? Really?

Yup. And you can promote your books while watching TV, too.

If you’re a multi-tasker like me, try doing a few of these book promotion activities the next time you watch your favorite show.

The difference between book reviews and endorsements

book reviewWhat’s the difference between book endorsements and book reviews? (And why should you care?)

An endorsement, also known as a book blurb or testimonial, is advance praise for your book from someone who influences your book’s target audience.

Blurbs are secured pre-publication so that they can be placed on the book’s front or back cover or inside the front pages, on the book’s Amazon sales page in the “Editorial Reviews” section, in your marketing materials, and on your website.

Use city business journals to promote your business book

city business journal readersOne of my favorite book marketing stories came out of my campaign to promote my   publicity book for small businesses, Streetwise Complete Publicity Plans: How to Create Publicity That Will Spark Media Exposure and Excitement, to city business journals.

It received widespread exposure in those publications influencing my book’s target audience –business owners and entrepreneurs — but one response stood out in particular.

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