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Building your author e-mail list

mailboxesI feel sorry for the author who commented on a blog post here not too long ago that e-mail marketing was dead now that authors could promote their books with social media.

She couldn’t be more wrong. An author e-mail list is essential.

Smart authors are relying less and less on social media and more on building and using e-mail lists to reach the people most interested in what they write. They have realized that we can’t possibly see and read all of the tweets and status updates in our networks, but we see what comes into our inboxes.

7 most popular book marketing blog posts

Top Google searches 2013End-of-the-year summary lists can be as helpful as they are popular.

Discovering the most searched for terms on Google during the past year gives you insights into trends and interests while a list of the year’s top news stories creates a flashback to what was considered newsworthy in the past 12 months.

As a blogger, I review my Google Analytics reports again at this time of the year to remind me of the posts that were most popular. It helps shape what I’ll write about in coming months.

Update your LinkedIn profile now!

Businesswoman typing.When I research experts to interview for article assignments, more often than not, their LinkedIn profiles are at the top of the search results page.

Like it or not, LinkedIn has become the go-to source for information about people who are employed or self-employed.

If you’re looking for a job, your profile is your online resume.

If you’re looking for clients, prospects will check your profile before returning your call.

If you’re an author hoping to be interviewed by the press, reporters will use LinkedIn to make sure you’re the right source.

1 big event and 2 contests for authors

Read Tuesday logoHere’s information on a big upcoming event and two contests for authors.

Read Tuesday

My author friend Chris McMullen has created an exciting counterpoint to the (depressing) Black Friday retail experience in the U.S. this week.

Read Tuesday” on December 10, 2103, is a worldwide online sale discounting hundreds of books. All shoppers, including those on a budget, will have an easy and affordable way to give books as gifts this holiday season.

I’m asking you to do two things:

Should you buy a review from Kirkus?

woman reading a bookA participant in my October Book Publicity 101 e-course noted that she was going to focus on as many free book promotion tactics as possible so she would have money in her client’s book promotion budget to purchase a review if necessary.

I responded that a purchased review probably wouldn’t be necessary because the book  should generate trade magazine reviews. In addition, those industry reviews will carry more clout with the book’s target audience than a purchased review from a generic book review publication or site.

Her thinking reflected a question I’m getting a lot from authors, but the question is usually very specific: “Should I buy a review from Kirkus?”

The answer is, “It depends.”

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